How to make a special greeting card for Christmas.
 wow that was a great t shirt you are wearing
WOW, can you come over to teach me better?&nbsp;What a view..... pretty hot<br />
easy way to get views! <br />
shissors! where the hell are the shissors?, i cant fricken do this instructable without shissors! omg im pissed off, i thought this instructable was going to be cool but i cant freakin do it without shissors!
dang wheres mah pancil too?
ur gonna make fun of her launguage? man she spending her time to teach you something -.- man thats messed
Uh... have you never seen someone say "mah" on the internet or "meh"?
ive said it but not to be &quot;rasist&quot;<br />
and she's also wearing a very nice shirt thing.
HAHAHAHA that made me lol ALOT
<h2> LOL</h2>
I can't make this. I can't pay attention to the paper. There are prettier things to look at.<br />
<p>I can't wait to make a &quot;po-pup&quot; card! ^_^</p>
OMG, I hat to watch 5 times to finally see: there is a postcard tutorial sometimes. What's this cleavage?
lol, oh my god that is A-mazing
There Was a Card? :D
I've noticed the apparent lack of female posters in this Instructable ... Very nice card, I'll have to make one this Christmas. ;) I'll make you one too.
Nice job, she's pretty cute. HAHAHA just kidding, great job showing how to do the pop up card, thanks!
so... you're saying she isn't cute?
No, no, she is. She is. Mwuahahaha.
So you mean you didn't like the card?
Very nice! .......the card wasn't bad either...:P
Very nice!
well this takes the biscuit hands down(literally lol) excellent instructable B.E.A.UTIFUL puppies
favourited! (not the instructable, the girl in the instructable!)
Not sure what a pancil is...
you know what a pancil is.....it's never a good idea to make fun of a hot chick in a santa nightie....for anything.....remember...she knows when you've been naughty
it's not when. it's for how long
A great instructable! You made it very difficult to watch what we were SUPPOSED to watching! Very good as well for English not being your native language,
Great instructable! I'm sure there was something in there about a card but I couldn't be sure. The term "pop-up" fits nicely though. ;-)

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