Xtreme Nerf Ball Catch!!

A game invented on a hot summers day at my nans house.
it is fun for 2 people up to as any as you can fit on the field of play.

a nerf ball(like in the picture)
a playing area(like a field or a leisure centre)
some friends

disclaimer: i am not liable for any injuries you suffer whilst playing this game
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Step 1: RULES

The rules are simple and fun.
Firstly you need a open area to play. Then you need to set up some boundaries and a centre line.
It is first to get 10points(although you can decide on a different score depending on time)
To score a point for yourself(or team) you can catch the opposing teams throw.
Gain a point by throwing the nerf ball and hitting your opponent(two points if you are all boys and you hit them in the crotch).
You gain a point if you throw the nerf ball and your opponent attempts to catch it and drops it, however if they do catch it they get a point.
You get a point if your opponent throws the ball out of bounds on the full.
these are all the rules you need to play the game.

DungMachine4 years ago
freaken awsome dude!!!

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