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These easy to make colorful rope toys are great for any size dog.

"Y" SHAPED DOG TUG & TOSS TOYProject Cost $1.68
(100' of rope at $7.00 = $0.07 a foot; Project 24' x $0.07 = $1.68)

Check out my basic version of this toy at Dog Toys for Heavy Chewers

If you are having trouble tying the knot see my video BASIC KNOT VIDEO

(If you are concerned with your dog ingesting the nylon rope, natural 3/8" jute rope can be used instead)


Please discard if toy becomes damaged or torn. Not intended for children. Should be used for chewing & playing only. Supervision is recommended when dogs are playing with toys.


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Step 1: Materials & Tools

Picture of Materials & Tools
1. Materials & Tools Needed for “Y” Shaped Dog Tug & Toss Toy
•3/8” Rope
•Tape Measure
•3 Small Zip Ties
•Needle-Nose Pliers or Hemostats

Step 2: Cut Six 48" Long Pieces of Rope

Picture of Cut Six 48
2. Cut six 48” lengths of rope, lightly melt ends of rope with lighter to prevent fraying
(1” finished project = approximately 4” of rope)

Step 3: Find Center of Four 48" Ropes

Picture of Find Center of Four 48
3. Take four of the 48” lengths of rope and fold in half, mark if needed with marker

Step 4: Secure Center with Zip Tie

Picture of Secure Center with Zip Tie
4. Secure the four ropes with a small zip tie in the center (note: the zip tie will be removed later on in project)

Step 5: Split into Two Groups of Two

Picture of Split into Two Groups of Two
5. From the zip tie split the four ropes into two groups of two

Step 6: Insert Remaining Two 48" Ropes

Picture of Insert Remaining Two 48
6. Take remaining two ropes divide in half, place center of ropes where you divided four ropes into two groups of two

Step 7: Create Three Groups of Four

Picture of Create Three Groups of Four
Y dog toy (8).JPG
7. Secure with zip tie on each side creating three groups of four ropes each when finished

Step 8: Grasp First Group of Four Ropes

Picture of Grasp First Group of Four Ropes
Y dog toy (9).JPG
8. Start with the first group of four ropes you created grasping at zip tie using a lightly closed fist with thumb extended

Step 9: Position Ropes in Hand

Picture of Position Ropes in Hand
9. Spread the ropes out over the top of fist with one rope behind thumb

Step 10: Wrap Rope 1 Around Thumb & Over Rope 2

Picture of Wrap Rope 1 Around Thumb & Over Rope 2
10. Take rope (rope 1) from behind thumb and wrap around it and over the next rope (rope 2)

Step 11: Using Rope 2 Go Over Rope 1 & Over Rope 3

Picture of Using Rope 2 Go Over Rope 1 & Over Rope 3
11. Take second rope (rope 2) go over first rope (rope 1) and over next rope (rope 3) keeping first rope (rope 1) looped around thumb
SwenP made it!2 days ago
thanks for the tutorial I differently gonna make more of these!
Do you have your instructable for a circle dog toy for heavy chewers out yet or are you working on making it
sanjazuzic made it!1 month ago
Love it!!!
SparkySolar9 months ago

Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it


Amy Binder1 year ago
Just made a couple of these using 10mm climbing rope for my Bloodhounds. So far they are holding up. Thanks so much for the super instructable!!!
rbaptista3 years ago
Nice project, can you please tell me what measure is 1/8", I'm not sure what unit that is, if you'd please say it in meters I'd be very glad, thanks
1/8 inch = 3.17mm
gserrano7013 years ago
Great job, I guess if you add more groups of four you could end up with three dimensional shapes. Good instructable too.
This is great! I can't wait to make one. Where do you get your rope from for $7? Thanks!!!
J3443RY (author)  kibblesandkrafts3 years ago
Big Lots or Harbor Freight Tools usually have the best price in my area.
rbowren3 years ago
Cool toy!!!

I'm not seeing how you finished the ends. I see the cut pieces, warm them up with lighter, but I don't see how you hide the ends so they stay in place. What am I missing? Thanks for your help!
J3443RY (author)  rbowren3 years ago
It gets a little tricky, especially if the ropes are getting really short. My suggestion is to allow a little additional length to each rope and as you start to finish up the toy, loosen the knots slightly. This will help as you weave the rope "tails" back thru the knot. Needle nose pliers or a heavy set of hemostats really help finish it off. I usually fish the rope back into the the knot a least a couple of times. Look for the outside loop of the knot and feed the rope thru it, then I usually turn the toy and do the same thing again. Hope this helps you out.
Wonderful :)
PeckLauros4 years ago
Nice instructables. I will try to make one
sick, my dog loves it. lol, now you just need to make the key saped one to complete the collection