Picture of Y.A.I.A. - Yet Another Ipod Amp
This is another iPod amp, but it uses an old computer speaker and a CDR Case.

Step 1: Parts


CDR case.
Vellema n 3w Amp : K8066
RadioShack 1/8" Panel Mount Jack: 274-249
RadioShack 4AA Holder: 270-383
RadioShack 9v Snap Connector: 270-324
RadioShack Minii Toggle: 275-624
RadioShack 12" Shielded stereo cable: 42-2497
470ohm resistor
4 Nuts/Bolts
Speaker from a set of computer speakers
scratchr4 years ago
Why not use an op amp?
Just simply not powerful enough unless you are prepared to spend big $
I'd put 2x sanyo enloop rechargeables in there as they last extra extra long. or even 2x lithium primary cell AA batteries that last extremely long. Imo, I'd go with the extra long lasting rechargeables are they can be re-used about 1000 times.
 nice casing
Hey i built one of these, it works great, awesome instructable.
Punkguyta8 years ago
My stereo is better, although a few hundred pounds heavier, but it moves around easy enough. If I need to "make noise" for other people, such as at a party, best bet that it can't be that good if all you have is one of these. Although it's not bad I will say, just doesn't make sense why people wanna use this. Does anyone wanna hear other people's music as they're walking down the sidewalk?
I'd say its more for if you are in your room and dont want to put your computer on, but dont want to be tethered to a pair of headphones
Well I don't listen to headphones through my stereo, jeeze, and why anyone would be bothered to turn their computer on is beyond me, takes a few seconds of your time, I guess people can't wait that long
Did you miss the red "be nice" note on the comment box? I think its an interesting way of housing an amp... throw some LEDs in there and you're all set.
I noticed your berdacious humour is irritating to what I'm trying to point out. It may look nice, but for your average person that has actually owned a few stereo's in their life probably wouldn't build one of these.
So lets some people don't own a stereo. Ha. What now? I guess this project would work for them. I probably won't make ginger apple cider, but that doesn't mean I'm going to make irritating negative comments about it. Woot!
Haha, I now am a prime of example of how this tutorial is useful - im currently in Canada, living on the IDEA of a dime (haha) and my laptop died before I left home (New Zealand) so I left it there... so I have an ipod as my only option of music...
"Well I don't listen to headphones through my stereo"... "Yet another IPOD amp" lol
now tell me, is a few hundred pounds very portable???
Certainly more portable than some of these PA systems that DJ's carry with them.
are we talking about those "PA systems that DJ's carry with them"? now how, in any way, does that make sense anyway? no matter what you compare a few hundred pound stereo to, it STILL WONT BE IN ANY WAY PORTABLE. of course, it will be louder, but is that what we're looking for right now? this instructable focuses on portability, not loudness
okay you have me at that. However, I've been thinking for a while of putting my truck stereo back in my backpack for a while (the truck isn't road worthy right at this moment). I did this last year with a lawnmower battery and 4 120 watt pioneer surround speakers, it was PLENTY loud and all it took was a $80 car stereo and a lawnmower battery. I was thinking of perhaps something maybe lighter and I'm not sure what else I could use for a battery that will last as long (it went all day without dying). Also I'm thinking maybe of using my 150 watt amp, it's for a car, but just 2 rca input and 2 speaker jacks. Perhaps I should use this instead of the head unit because it doesn't have input rca jacks :(
but still, this is something meant to be portable and maybe even without a battery
No, you'd use these if you were traveling with say four friends.
or on a long bus trip for a school sport
Yeah I will say it's def a lot better than some DIY amps I've seen. Speaking of amps, I just bought this 1200 watt sub today, it blew my amp :p
i have two 12" infiniti 1250watt subs and a soundstream 5000watt 4 channel amp with sub channel with diamond audio crossovers, four diamond audio side speakers, alpine deck and 4 100watt tweeters
lol, about $7000
Shouldn't the amplifier have built in crossovers? Or are you feeding your tweeters full bandwidth straight from the amp?
you should see my computer's system, 7.1 surround sound
Whether it's altec lansing or logitech or whoever the hell you bought them from, it probably sounds nice, but it's a Faux surround sound setup. Far from anything you will actually achieve with an actual surround amplifier and real speakers. I'm not putting you down but, as I once bought a nice 2.1 speaker system back when I was 13 or something for my computer and I thought it was amazing, and the sound was unlike I ever heard (it was altec lansin btw, good brand). But at some point my cravings of sound were unsatisfied. Now I'm 17 with a Kenwood surround sound amplifier that I only paid $20 for, yet was worth an easy $1200 back 5-6 years ago. Yet it still sounds amazing, and I only use it in stereo mode for my technics towers. I actually use seperate amplifiers for different parts of my system, similar to the idea of bi-wiring, but not as lame. I have a seperate sony amplifier for my rear sony speakers, the kenwood goes with 2 260 watt towers and a 125W sony center speaker. I have a seperate amplifier for my subwoofer too, which is the obvious part of it. My room is 7x11 or some shit like that, that's feet man, you can imagine the echoing a stereo will do in such a space at -20db, yet it still sounds clean and clear to my ear, mind you due to the echoing, I can't "sink" into it like you can with some well setup, expensive surround sound units. The limitation is the space, not what my amp can do. That's well off topic I think, however it's to give an idea how much goes into a real setup, you wouldn't believe the wires I have going on behind there either. If you don't believe me that your computer speakers are a faux surround sound unit, I can prove it. Now unless you paid $400+, chances are your subwoofer is nothing but a standard woofer with standard woofer freq. range, possibly with an enlarged magnet, but nothing else. They obtain that "mind blowing bass" they often advertise on the box as a key feature, by simply sticking it in a giant box set to resonate at a bass freq near the higher end, resulting in boomy, loud bass, but you won't nessesarily get those authentic rumbles like you get from something that will actually go lower than 80hz (check the specs on yours, I am willing to be it's either 120 or 80 hz) I'm irate with the world I guess and the general lack of knowledge now adays, sorry if I seem pissy.
do you know of any way to use smaller wireing with subs, like doubleing them up or something im not gonna get paid for another few days and was wondering how i would do that.
To use smaller wiring with a subwoofer? Why don't have the cash for thick wires? Well for something under 1200 watts I'd say you're safe with 14 AWG wire, but I'd personally use 10 or 8 guage if it'll fit in the speaker posts.
heres my amp
That's a decent lookin system. What's your crossover point?
to send the lows to the mids and the highs to the highs
>_> I know what a crossover does. I was asking what your specific cutoff in hz were just for curiosity.
Derin Punkguyta7 years ago
1800W machines use 18 gage which does not even get hot
Punkguyta Derin7 years ago
Just because you can't feel heat in a wire, doesn't mean there's capacitance or energy loss because of it's size. While a smaller wire is fine for smaller speakers if it's of good quality, as a decent analogy: Say you're trying to pipe water from your main water mains that comes in from the street into your house, and you want to pipe it to outside for your garden hose. Well first you need to run a tap to outside your house and mount it somewhere, but it would be too cumbersome to use a pipe the same size as the one that comes into your house from the street, but it would allow full water flow. So usually then you'd install smaller diameter 3/4" pipe branched off of a copper T from your main system. But because it's a smaller pipe now obviously there will be back pressure just from the water trying to flow through it full pressure from the street lines. If you've kept up to me this far, then you see where a problem might lay. Say, the copper pipes might burst because of the pressure,..OR if a good quality pipe is chosen and not one thats all bent up and kinked and allows a good water flow, and solder it properly in place, it should be able to withstand the pressure.
Derin Punkguyta7 years ago
That is a very good point
both of the ones in my car are 20hz meant for sealed or ported boxes
My Pyles are 24 Hz, the 15 goes down to 18, it's pretty sick.
how many do you have, what size?
2x 12" 1x 15" @ 1400 watts
yea the amp doesnt have built in crossovers, i only them it for the tweeters and the speakers and hook the subs straight to the amp so pretty much, yes
Wait.. you mean you give your amps an unfiltered signal?
they are passive crossovers used in hiFi systems to pretty much make it sound better and to seperate the lows from the the highs at least thats how i use them
Basically what you described to me is the simpilist form of crossover, and usually with most passive crossovers, there is 3db of gain lost per octave and isn't usually considered if there are other options avalible for seperating the frequencies.
and 2 capacitors
Z786 Punkguyta7 years ago
your sub cant blow your amp ur amp drives and powers ur sub, the sub is an output ur amp can blow ur sub. not the othher way round.
Punkguyta Z7867 years ago
lawl, well let's see, if it's trying to push all of it's 300 watts into a 1200 watt sub that still wants more juice, it's gonna heat up, and with heating up, there also runs behind is sudden smoke/flames = blown
Derin Punkguyta7 years ago
well here is one sentence about the subject:"You stepped right on it.Sgt.Derinsleep
cLqinyaki7 years ago
Hey!!how can i build like that if i dont know the diagram of the amplipifier...and what are n value of the resistors i will use..where can i buy the pcb??
joe (author)  cLqinyaki7 years ago
Hey cLqinyaki- I used a kit for this, you could get one here. That one linked to is 7w, but the 3w one is nice too.


zylo1129 joe6 years ago
hey Joe where do I find one of these Vellema n 3w Amp : K8066
eggman joe6 years ago
are the instructions the same if we get the 7w one? except for the power source of course.
DYLEGO6 years ago
why not just soughter in a headphone cable? people will have to get double headphone cables.
jj32x7 years ago
my 2KW amp pisses on ur 20 watt amp derinsleep but it set me back about £500 quid.
chinnerz jj32x7 years ago
2kw, ha! thats nothing! well not rly, its quite good ;) but my 30kw sub will shake your sh*t to bits!
Derin7 years ago
I got a 20 watt amp!
Ghostsniper7 years ago
what size LED is needed?
Ghostsniper7 years ago
Whats the biggest speaker you could use with these parts and have it work?
jward927 years ago
This is pretty cool, I made this however I used a 6" speaker give or take an inch, and it fits perfectly in the top of the cd case, the exact same width. I also used a 7.5 watt amp. It has very clear sound and is very load. Great idea!
retrac7 years ago
are these like 1/2wat or 1/4
does this bump hard? or output alot of bass?
loppy967 years ago
yeah really cool I've seen a lot of amps but yours is the best
Cousin Clif8 years ago
Have you had any problems with the power source overloading the amp? I am building a duel amp system for use on my bicycle when I ride across Iowa. Let me know. Thanks.
joe (author)  Cousin Clif8 years ago
Never had that problem. the amp is rated 5-15v so you have a pretty big range. And I have run it for hours on end.

ledzep567 joe7 years ago
wait... how do you buy it from the site?
get a pre-paid credit card or debit card
I-Ride bike stereoi was pokin around on the web and found this cool bike-mounted dual speaker system for cheap. check it out
dude when u make the amp post it i am thinking about makin somthin like that and need some ideas
Cough Ragbrai Cough Cough; I'm an Iowan too :) or :( depending on your disposition...
dbtahoe8 years ago
Hey Joe!

This is almost exactly what I was thinking I needed for my sailboat. I want to use a waterproof speaker built into an Inspection Port cover. My question is the speaker and the power required. Any ideas? Thanks!
joe (author)  dbtahoe8 years ago
Oh man that would be cool. It is made for a speaker!

I guess the best thing to do is just find a speaker that fits the cover you have, and put a 1/8" jack in the front of the cover to hook up your ipod.

I have been buying my amps from Design Notes . I'd go for the 7w velleman amp for good sound level. That would run off of 4 AA batteries and be last a few boat trips. If you have wiring in the boat already, it will run from 6-15v so you could run it off of boat power.

i would get the dual 20watt amp from here
wes_7118 years ago
thats is very neat ..... i like the see through effect ........ i made somthing very similare out of a cardboard box and 2 old sterio speakers ...... except my it didn't require batteries .... it was powered by my mp3 player.
ouch thats got to drain it fast then.....
could i get the amp from bg micro?
sofaking7 years ago
is there any way I can get a speaker without destroying my computer? p.s. I like how its see through
joe (author)  sofaking7 years ago
Sure, you can buy one at radio shack. They have all types to choose from, just make sure its not too big. -Joe
joeny19808 years ago
spraypaint the base and the inside of the clear plastic white. It will come out looking perfect. Same way ipod colors its items, it paints them on the inside thru clear plastic.
or you could frost the inside and add some LED's for a glowing effect. or even have then pulsate with the music.
how do u make LEDs pulse with the music
I was hoping someone here would know... that was just a suggestion.
i found an instructable on pulsating LEDs with music here if you're still interested and looking.
yea dude thats wat im doin thanx 8)
joe (author)  joeny19808 years ago
Oh that'd be hot. good idea. -Joe
hellasman7 years ago
hey, please help me, i live in romania (bucharest), can you recommend me any good online store (from europe, or from the us with "affordable" shipping rates) to buy the pieces from? please email me fadidraghici@gmail.com tnx!
how loud can this thing get
gpiejai7 years ago
hey i wanna do this for my science fair project but is there a way for an adjustable amp? like i wanna do a small wattage maybe like 10 watts but i was wondering if there's an amplifier where i can adjust the watts. i see the car amplifiers but thats way too big and i don't really want to use that big of an amp. please and thank you.
To answer your question you can just adjust the volume on your iPod or what ever you are hooking up to your amp. All the amp dose is add power.
Showbiz00047 years ago
Say I didn't trust the website with my credit card. So then i wanted to build the 3w amp myself do you know where i could find instructions on how to do that or tell me what i need for the amp
You could probably find instructions here and also download the construction sheet.
glane912647 years ago
hey if I'm running a 30w speaker do I need a certain size amp or not?
how do you make a amp for it?if someone can give me a link for it.
I want to make an old (tape) Walkman into an amp. I want the ability to plug in a 1/4 inch cord to the walkman and be able to hear it with headphones. This way I can practice my guitar anywhere w/o having to pull my heavy amp around. I am new to the sight and you guys seem to have "experimented" a lot more than I. Help a newbie.
hey first space did you ever get an answer on this question if you did could you share with me I'm trying to find the very same thing
i dont mean to make any advertisements ok... try googling "cmoy"... i made one of those and it works pretty good, only downside is you need 2 9v batteries (at least for the one i made), pm me if you have ne doubts, hopefully i will have some answers
The cmoy is a headphone amp, the gain is too low for it to be used as a guitar amp...I don't think anyone will be able to fit a guitar amp in a walkman but I have seen plans on the internet to build your own amp..try googling "100W Guitar Amplifier" for an example...
they have miniamps that you can fit in an altoids tin so it dont think it will be a problem
yes i know you cant use a CMOY amp as a guitar amp, (life would be so good if it did) but i thought he asked about an amp for his headphones plugged in his guitar, i dont know whats the average output voltage in a guitars audio output but with an OPAMP he might get enough gain for headphones (just headphones)... i understand what you are saying, but i was answering to the headphone thing only.
manmelvin8 years ago
Wow nice instructable, kudos dude, think im gonna make one of these if i can find my soldering iron. sweet 8-)
pheer8 years ago
so if i wanted to make this plug into the wall...how would i go about that? i have tons of old inverters or converters or watevr...lying around....any help is greatly appreciated
adamazing pheer8 years ago
Joe has already pasted the links to specifications further down the comments, but here it is again:
Velleman 3W Mono Amp: K8066

From that link:
# power supply: 6 ~ 15VDC
# current consumption: 500mA max.

So just dig into your bucket of power adaptors, find a match and Bob's your father's metaphorical brother.

I made a version of this that was even *more* ghetto than this, no power switch, just a 3.5mm jack scavenged from an 80s personal CD player. To turn it off you have to remove the battery. I gave it to my little brother to use as a travel amp for his guitar.

To hide the gubbins within, I sprayed plasti-kote glass frosting spray on the inside of the CDR cake box. On top, over the speaker I stuck a circle cut out of a promotional cardboard cover from The Love of Richard Nixon single, by the Manics. I cut out a hole, slightly larger than the basketball in that picture, trimmed the cut out piece so it was just the basketball, and used selotape to hold the basketball in place.

For those who don't know, in the UK, Velleman kits are available from Maplin.
i havent stated this project yet , but what instructions that come with it , this looks like seperate parts . do they all come in a bundle at radio shack or something ???
If you pay attention.. The second item in the previous step is a velleman amplifier kit, Yes.. it comes with all necessary components, a pcb and instructions.
Mad Cat hothmob8 years ago
Just one thing, the 9-volt connector actually clips onto the 4AA connector.

re:Jan 26, 2007. 10:29 AMvhothosays:
Couple of questions:
On the parts list, you state having a 4AA Holder- looks like a 2AA project.
You also show a 9V connector on the list- are these just alternates for different amps/ power sources?

Also on the 2AA battery with zip ties: doesnt this make changing batteries a pain?

Thanks for the insight!
here is alink to a small stereo 10W amp http://store.qkits.com/moreinfo.cfm/QK88
and here's a VU meter for those that were asking http://store.qkits.com/moreinfo.cfm/FK101
note: there are many different configs possible- look at 'audio kits'

(If you look carefully at the battery holder it is 4 aa and the 9v clip attaches to the battery holder(llok carefully) because it has a 9v out put not wires you can get one already with wires and subsitute that with the one he has)
ksy8 years ago
How did you mount the input jack? Did you just glue it? If you did, what type of glue did you use?
joe (author)  ksy8 years ago
Hey ksy- If you use the radio shack jack then it comes with a little nut that fits over the outside of the jack. Couldn't be easier! -Joe
ksy joe8 years ago
Heh, okay. I was hoping i could reuse a jack from an old radio, but I guess I'll go buy a jack.
joe (author)  ksy8 years ago
No dude! Epoxy that one on and it will work! I like JB weld, but use whatever epoxy you can find. -Joe
Triesault8 years ago
Here you guys go.

This is a diagram of what the inside should look like.
A regular LED does not always work with the resister that the author recommends.
I'll post the list of parts I used and final price.
joe (author)  Triesault8 years ago
That is awesome. Thanks for doing it. -Joe
What would the circuit be like if you were to add another speaker? Would you need any more resistors etc or just a simple extra cable?
joe (author)  pencilshavingsuk8 years ago
Hey pencil- all you would do is use extra wire. It wouldn't be stereo, but it would be two speakers. -Joe
pmac938 years ago
Nice iMac :)
Hey so little help here, I see people posting links to other Amp's, what's the best one with a cheap price, and what chanegs do i need to make i.e. power supply
Triesault8 years ago
Yeah.. I really need some help on this one guys. Can anyone please send me some schematics for this or more detailed picture so i can find out what goes where? Thanks email: Triesault@gmail.com
I really need some help with this one too. Can anyone chime in on this? I need help on how to wire this thing. I really cannot tell how to wire from the pictures. For example, from the 4AA holder, where do the wires connect, in the "power" portion of the amp or the "in" portion of the amp? From there where do the wires connect? From the out portion to the LED, or to the toggle switch, or to the phono jack, or to the speaker? I am a total noob in this, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Ryan
e13378 years ago
Where would I put an output jack?
e13378 years ago
Since everyone wants one of those i think im gonna make an ipod amp/charger in like a tennis ball container. Should I?
So I made one of these...sorta..I used your idea (a great one)

The only speakers I had laying around were two that hook onto the side of the monitor that we're donating soon, so I just took them apart, hot glued the circuit boards inside, and cut out holes for the jacks and knobs. I also added a fabric covering to protect the speaker.

For anyone who is making one, be careful when cutting, I think a dremel would have been easier, but I dont have one so I used an xacto knife...the plastic cracks..

Here's mine: http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/3944/picture248tb2.jpg

Theres a turny thing for volume, one for what i think is bass, a head phone jack, and ac jack and a jack for the left speaker, which will be in, once I get another empty case.
NJ8 years ago
I found at QKits a stereo amp. Is it worth buying it for this project(it's only $15)?And will it work with the pc speakers(sry, noob alert)?
joe (author)  NJ8 years ago
Hey NJ - It would work... but it needs a 24 volt power supply and, its stereo so you would use two speakers. None of this is too big a deal, but just more complex. So if this is a new one for you this is an easy kit: http://store.qkits.com/moreinfo.cfm/K8066

post any other questions you have!!
Bam Bam8 years ago
would it be possible to attach more than one speaker? if so, how would i do it? email me at bambenson@gmail.com Cheers
joe (author)  Bam Bam8 years ago
Just two speakers or make it stereo? If you want two speakers just connect two speakers to the output terminals and you'll be ready to go. If you want stereo, I'd just make two of these amps, and maybe use 6AAs so they don't drain to fast.
jwibbity joe8 years ago
im using a 9 volt with an 8 watt amp..... wanted to know if AA drain faster than 9 volts
crapflinger8 years ago
nifty mods: support for an external power source (like plugging it in to the wall or your car etc.) a bunch of leds inside that would flash to the beat of the music (seen an instructable here about making something like this...i think) maybe an amp capable of processing stereo? good instructable! very well layed out and nice simple supplies
Danny8 years ago
i see your i-pod is quite neer to the speaker now correct me if im wrong but speekers have magenets and magnets dont go with tv's mp3's and so on could this damage the ipod?

but i still like it =)
joe (author)  Danny8 years ago
The speaker was taken from a set of computer speakers, so luckily the magnet is shielded. -Joe
ARVash8 years ago
how much did the parts in total cost?
joe (author)  ARVash8 years ago
my S.W.A.G would be $10 -Joe
trebuchet039 years ago
Hrmm... I was just thinking.... you could make a VU meter inside of there... it might make it even a bit more cool looking :P
where do i get a cheap vu meter? radioshack.com didnt have any...
They're really easy to build if you want an LED approximation to the same thing: grab an LM3915 (from National Semiconductor: http://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM3915.html) and just follow the example circuit in the datasheet. (from memory, the LM3815 is the same thing but with a linear step instead of logarithmic). A single chip will drive up to 10 LEDs, and you can cascade up to three of them if you want more precision. I might put up an instructable about them in due course, I've had a half-finished meter lying around for about 4 years :)
Stone Stone8 years ago
My bad, the linear version is the LM3914.
recycle one from old discarded equipment. Go yardsaling for that stuff
i dont have an ipod, but i just gotta say, that looks sooo cool
Could the "fk602: Power Amplifier 2 Watt Kit (Multi Purpose)" work instead of the Velleman amp?

I found the amp here (http://store.qkits.com/category.cfm/AUDIO). Could anyone tell me where i can find the Velleman amp?
joe (author)  splttingatms8 years ago
Hey Splittin - You can get it at qkits:

This amps works really well because of its low power draw. Let me know if you have any other questions.

rock on,
Well like having unger bros with old toys they dont want with LEDs i just take them out so. that is a way to get them
hivoltage8 years ago
you can find both some decent amp kits and a cheap vu meter at http://store.qkits.com/category.cfm/AUDIO
PetervG9 years ago
Where can you get speakers like this other than computers?
febert9 years ago
Use a button velcro to hold it in place.
dfc8499 years ago
I have the same speakers from my IBM Aptiva 2137 (i think) and I do not know the maximum wattage on them. if anyone knows, please reply or gmail me at dfc849@gmail.com
Grunt9 years ago
cut the ziptie and add a new one when your done
joe (author)  Grunt9 years ago
You got it... Just cut it off and add a new one. -Joe
Goten9 years ago
i just want to know if you can send me a more detailed pic of the inside cuz will i'm just starting at this kind of stuff and i'm not 100% sure where everything connects to. so plz send me a pic to my e-mail address. Jgonz90@Gmail.com
Grunt9 years ago
joe (author) 9 years ago
Thanks for looking everybody. Okay the next version will have a dance floor, disco ball and be on a yacht. Well I think you can purchase them online from many vendors, but I purchased mine at JB Saunders in Boulder. Its not just for ipods, it will work with anything that has a 1/8" jack. -Joe
grungehead joe9 years ago
Boulder Colorado? can i get it at radioshack???
grungehead9 years ago
how would you change new batteries if you got a zip tie there?
jjbird9 years ago
Where might I come by one of these amplifiers?
theRIAA9 years ago
too bad its only for ipods... :(
austin9 years ago
add a dance floor and a small resort and hotle and it would be awesome
DeadlyDad9 years ago
A few LEDs, rotating mini disc ball.....
austin9 years ago
that pretty cool
trebuchet039 years ago
It may be yet another ipod amp...but its not just any ipod amp ;) A for visual appeal ;)