Introduction: YABF

I decided to make Yet Another BirdFeeder

This is a platform feeder, it's probably my favorite type, popular with ground feeding birds, and less risk of seed spoilage than a hopper feeder.

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Step 1: What You Are Going to Need

You'll need a piece of wood, you can see I used the back from the bronze trophy I made the other feeder out of, however you could cut a custom shape out of poplar, or use an old window or picture frame. Also you'll need to cut some wood splines, some window screening, finish, glue, chain, screw eyes, etc, etc.

Step 2: Trace Around and Cut Out the Center of the Piece of Wood You'll Be Using

After you cut out the center, flip the wood over and cut a slot for the spline, you'll need a router and a straight bit

Step 3: Here I've Cut the Spline Groove

I've also sanded off the crusty old finish, yep looks like that is solid mahogany I'm working with. Also here's a pic of my router jig.

Step 4: I Kinda Got Ahead of the Pictures Here

What I've done is cut some square splines from clear pine, the spline channel was 1/4", the splines are 7/32", I draped a piece of window screen over the frame and then hammered home the spline with a rubber mallet. Finally i trimmed the screen and wicked in some superglue to secure the splines.

Step 5: And Lastly

A few coats of Spar Urethane, add screw eyes and some chain and you have a complete birdfeeder, just hang outside and add a handful of safflower seed.



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    Hey cool Idea, might I suggest using an old toilet seat. That way you would not have to cut out the center.

    That's a really cool idea, I'm replacing one soon, I'll post it if I make it.

    haha i like how you called it yet another bird feeder!

    I agree with jongscx. Hot pepper powder works great. Birds don't notice it and squirrels don't touch it more than once. However the screened bottom may limit the effectiveness of a powder application.

    thanks Jesus

    Looks great. Now can you make it squirel proof? :)

    the easiest way to make it squirrel proof is to only feed safflower seed, squirrels don't find it palatable.


    Really?!? Sunflower seeds are what I use in my live trap and I've caught about ten in the past year.