YACS (Yet Another Charging Station)





Introduction: YACS (Yet Another Charging Station)

A charging station for your gadgets.
Rubber grommets
A box
Drill and bits

Step 1: Find a Box.

Any old box should do. I picked this one up at the thrift store for a buck. I think it was a silverware box. The main thing I wanted to show here is the grommets I Found at the hardware store. The project itself doesn't differ much from the others on here, but the grommets were a nice touch to finish it off and help hold the cords with their "gripiness".

Step 2: Prepare the Box.

I tore out the beat up green felt that lined the box. I then removed the lid and laid out the the grommets to mark the holes. I did this on the inside to avoid marking up the top.

Step 3: Drill the Holes

I first drilled a pilot hole through from the under side on my marks, then I turned it over to drill from the top with the spade bits. I had two size grommets, one required a 3/4 in. hole, the other a 7/8 one.

Step 4: Insert the Grommets

I found it made it easier to use a little soap in the groove on the grommet, they are made to fit tight.

Step 5: Assemble

I drilled a 1 inch hole in the back corner of the box, the sides are thicker than the top, so no grommet there. I passed the plug from the power strip through the hole(tight fit) and plugged it in. My MP3 player charges through usb so I ran that through the power cord hole as well. I plugged the remaining power supplies in, wound up the excess cords, and threaded them through the grommets.

Step 6: Close the Lid

Now all thats left to do is to plug in your devices and enjoy your tangle-free desktop.



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    This is Exactly what I have been waiting to see. You rock! how ever I never did consider the heat factor. how would a PC fan work in that situation?

    5 replies

    a normal sized one should do, i dont know if it shold be sucking or making air enter...

    One on each side creating airflow should work very well. Would there be any way to add a button to turn the power strip off, thus allowing you to leave the station plugged in without it drawing power?

    I was thinking more along the lines of 2 mechanical switches. 1 for the power off & 1 to push the power button to on. If I think of anything I'll pass it along :)

    Yours look the best around. I'd go with the guys, add a heatsink + fan. Giving a 3.

    I added a USB hub to my charging station so the devices that can hook to my PC (virtually anything I charge: phones, pdas, cameras, etc) have a convenient place to link up to the PC!

    2 replies

    Cool idea, I do have a hub laying around somewhere as well as a card reader. I'll think on how to incorporate them.

    please edit your instructable if you do!

    Hey I have the same exact phone as you! Wow, what a coincidence!

    a spade bit doesn't ever need a pilot hole... just saying is all.

    2 replies

    Because I did the layout on the inside of the lid and I wanted to drill from the top because spade bits usually chip out the sides of the holes, I drilled the pilots so I knew where to put them.

    aye, captian! way to keep your head in the came, i see that you also noted that it was a thin material, chipping way easier, another option would be to use a forstner bit, but they may be pricey and... not around while you have your mind set on the project...

    Great idea, I would be concerned it might be fire hazard having all those cords wound up and concealed in a box, may be a PC fan mounted in the side might be the go.

    1 reply

    Yeah that might be a concern, something im keeping an eye on though.


    This is the nicest looking one yet. Good job and you get a + from me.


    if you had time....aside from installing switched, i'd also carve out shallow grooves in the size of the device...

    1 reply

    The top is less than a 1/4 inch thick so not much there to work with.


    Very nice, that looks good! One thing I would do: add some rubber on the top so your gadgets don't slide around.