Picture of YACS (Yet Another Charging Station)
A charging station for your gadgets.
Rubber grommets
A box
Drill and bits

Step 1: Find a box.

Picture of Find a box.
Any old box should do. I picked this one up at the thrift store for a buck. I think it was a silverware box. The main thing I wanted to show here is the grommets I Found at the hardware store. The project itself doesn't differ much from the others on here, but the grommets were a nice touch to finish it off and help hold the cords with their "gripiness".
This is Exactly what I have been waiting to see. You rock! how ever I never did consider the heat factor. how would a PC fan work in that situation?
a normal sized one should do, i dont know if it shold be sucking or making air enter...
xd12c santy226 years ago
One on each side creating airflow should work very well. Would there be any way to add a button to turn the power strip off, thus allowing you to leave the station plugged in without it drawing power?
tyep (author)  xd12c6 years ago
I'm not sure, you could cut the wires to the switch and lengthen them to an external switch, or get one of these, they look useful. http://www.greenandmore.com/smart-strip-energy-saving-power-strips.html
xd12c tyep6 years ago
I was thinking more along the lines of 2 mechanical switches. 1 for the power off & 1 to push the power button to on. If I think of anything I'll pass it along :)
xd12c xd12c6 years ago
PCI slot fan which would fit very well into your box. Add a "vent" on the other side or back & you should be good if you can figure out how to power it.
pudicobar6 years ago
Yours look the best around. I'd go with the guys, add a heatsink + fan. Giving a 3.
xrobevansx7 years ago
I added a USB hub to my charging station so the devices that can hook to my PC (virtually anything I charge: phones, pdas, cameras, etc) have a convenient place to link up to the PC!
tyep (author)  xrobevansx7 years ago
Cool idea, I do have a hub laying around somewhere as well as a card reader. I'll think on how to incorporate them.
xrobevansx tyep7 years ago
please edit your instructable if you do!
stevo19947 years ago
Hey I have the same exact phone as you! Wow, what a coincidence!
ajmontag7 years ago
a spade bit doesn't ever need a pilot hole... just saying is all.
tyep (author)  ajmontag7 years ago
Because I did the layout on the inside of the lid and I wanted to drill from the top because spade bits usually chip out the sides of the holes, I drilled the pilots so I knew where to put them.
ajmontag tyep7 years ago
aye, captian! way to keep your head in the came, i see that you also noted that it was a thin material, chipping way easier, another option would be to use a forstner bit, but they may be pricey and... not around while you have your mind set on the project...
thematrix7 years ago
Great idea, I would be concerned it might be fire hazard having all those cords wound up and concealed in a box, may be a PC fan mounted in the side might be the go.
tyep (author)  thematrix7 years ago
Yeah that might be a concern, something im keeping an eye on though.
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
This is the nicest looking one yet. Good job and you get a + from me.
SDx7 years ago
if you had time....aside from installing switched, i'd also carve out shallow grooves in the size of the device...
tyep (author)  SDx7 years ago
The top is less than a 1/4 inch thick so not much there to work with.
1up7 years ago
Very nice, that looks good! One thing I would do: add some rubber on the top so your gadgets don't slide around.
tyep (author)  1up7 years ago
I have those little no slip stickers on my devices.
nice. just one mod i would persionally make, is to put power switches on each individual charge hole.
i see a comment from you on 90% of the instructables i look at!
ya, i like giving feed back. ..why do you say?
im just saying its cool that someone looks at so many instructables.
lol ok, i thought you were like saying its bad cause theres been a few people that get pissed off at me for commenting a lot of instructables (...oddly enof, lol i dont get it). and ya :-) i try to comment and feedback what i can on new ones
i was using the camera. nice!
Awesome! Very nicely done. I'm eating Starbursts right now, and for some reason, I want to try out this Instructable. Great job. +1 rating.

By the way, is that a Zen?
tyep (author)  GorillazMiko7 years ago
Yeah, I like it very easy to use, and one of the few players that can play the audiobooks that we download from our library.
Rage tyep7 years ago
i have a zen!!!! its the 4 gig one. but im getting sd cards for it cause its full. how bigs yours?
tyep (author)  Rage7 years ago
Yeah mine is a 4 gig, and it is mainly used for audiobooks which are big files, we currently have three on it and we should be able to get another one one.
gmjhowe7 years ago
if u wernt too precious about your desk, i would build this into the top! would be great, just 6 gromits poking out the back.
tyep (author)  gmjhowe7 years ago
That would be nice, but the layout of my desk is always changing so I wanted it mobile. My modem and router are secured to the underside of the desk and come out of a hole in the back. Rockler has a good selection of item that I've had my eye for that purpose.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Cool! Much nicer than the other ones I have seen. Nice Zen!
PKM7 years ago
I'd be tempted to put clipped zip ties around the end of the cables to stop them slipping back inside the box (if the friction of the rubber isn't enough), but otherwise it's a neat take on a useful project.
tyep (author)  PKM7 years ago
I thought about that as well as wrapping appropriate labels around the wires, long enough to prevent them from falling. I'll just try this for now and see how it goes.