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Introduction: YAGI; Yet Another Guitar Instructable

hokay, so you may know me from my bass instructable, well now im going to explain in tablature, how to improve your guitar skills

Step 1: Scales and Tuning

Alright, We will start out with a standard EADGBe tuning. if you cannot tune a guitar, gtfo. these scales will help you develop some speed but is for building know-how of the fretboard. I start out on the first fret playing an F major scale, so
|1-3--------------------------| thats up the scale, reverse it for

going downward

OK, and now the real trick is, find the fret, lets say Bb (6th fret) and put your SECOND finger on it (see image) and then the pattern is 24 124 134 134 24 12 jumping up a string every time, this is applicable to any fret you want.

Step 2: Playing Faster/Chromatics Exersize

hokay, this is a Steve Vai thing that i learnt from my old guitar teacher. (not normal tab, its which finger to use on the starting fret
Figure 1)
that is the fingering for it and do the same pattern on the way down
Figure 2)
I start out on the first fret, doing that finger pattern/fret numbering, then you move up one fret, so the last note you hit on figure 2, will be the second fret on the e string, and move up from the bottom, using the same pattern, and use alternate picking! i practise this while palm muting with distortion, and when i am attempting to do pinch harmonics

Step 3: Now You Are Done!

and practising these few exersises for an hour a day will improve your guitar abilities
-peace out



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    so cool! I also play guitar,but I'm not play it well! U are very professional.

    7 replies

    thank you! dont forget to keep your thumb behind the neck, or you will sound like kurt cobain, i fixed that habit a day ago, and i sound much better. (think slither by velvet revolver)

    Yeah what's up? Kurt!

    Thank you for reminding!I will remember! I feel pity for kurt cobain! Did you know Nickelback???

    personally? no, i have relatives that were besties with chad, my current guitar teacher is Hedley's guitarist or bassist's brother inlaw, but i cant remember

    en I do not have a guitar teacher!I self-learning the guitar! You are the British?

    technically if you read this i taught you a bit. im north american

    my guitar teacher calls the fingers by names (p=thumb, i =1st,m,a,and, c)
    or PIMAC, for the latin names of the fingers

    3 replies

    Index, Middle, Annular and i cannot recall the C or the P. and i find that that strategy for labelling works better for the Right hand (or Left providing you are left handed) for finger picking chords (EG arppegiating

    oh, sorry, ...i didn't notice that that hand was left :p i looked it up and PIMAC is pulgar,indice,medius,annular, chico just a random guitar fact

    yup, i couldhave looked it up. LOL too lazy. check out my tapping exercise instructable, i finally updated it so it wont suck

    I'm sorry i suck at tabbing stuff out.

    Better then most. Nice job, I have to post more as well!

    how about a 4-string instructable i made a cigar box guitar last week and I dont know jack sh!t how to play it.

    1 reply