Corn Flakes packet iphone/ multimedia device stand

Picture of Corn Flakes packet iphone/ multimedia device stand
Ever wished to view movies, album art, picture slideshows .. away from your charger, on your coffee table, work desk. well, ..

Here I describe how to make a hopefully fairly robust stand made from a Corn Flakes Packet for your ipod/ iphone, squeezebox controller, mobile phone or most other handheld media devices.

It features two viewing positions for watching photos/ movies/ album art from your device, near vertical for distance viewing & 30 deg inclines for close up viewing.

It's not a new concept of course but I thank Piers for his design with the same basic geometry as I've used. original

nb the dimensions of the stand are good for the squeezebox controller and probably most other devices too. I've included the visio file in step 8 if you wish to modify or better. please post your results.

released under Creative CommonsAttribution-Share alike 3.0 license license

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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
You'll need:

A printout of the design from either jpeg or visio file
Sturdy ruler
Stanley knife
Corn Flakes packet or suitable card
cutting board or suitable table protector
hobby glue (pva or similar)

Step 2: Transfer the template design to card, score then cut

Picture of Transfer the template design to card, score then cut
My design template is designed on A4 paper size. If your using Letter size, scale the design suitably. Cut the card to a piece just bigger than your printed design. Tape the design onto the front face of the card in several places round the edge

Score the dashed lines with the reverse of the cutting blade, so that it leaves an impression through to the card. This will make folding neater & easier later.

Now cut round the perimiter using either scissors or the stanley blade & ruler. (I used a combination of both)

Finish off any bits you've missed with scissors

After taking the template away, you'll be left with the card ready for folding & glueing.

Step 3: Fold along the dotted lines ..

Picture of Fold along the dotted lines ..
Here you will see the scoring will help you fold along the dotted lines as shown in the diagram. carefully fold using the diagram below as a guide
waldy (author) 6 years ago
thanks, glad it worked out. W.
redcard6 years ago
I just saved the pic as is and printed it perfect size for the laser brand player. I also used a thiner plain black card still very stable and sturdy my daughter loves it(easier for her to watch movies) and enjoyed making