Picture of Boobytrapped frankfurters
Wanna prank your friends? Or just spice-up your life?

All you need:
- a handful of frankfurters
- a piece of tube
- a plastic nozzle
- a tube of harissa

Step 1: Prepare the harissa

Picture of Prepare the harissa
Fix a nozzle to the tube of harissa or other spicy stuff.

Step 2: Hollow 'em out

Picture of Hollow 'em out
Use a tube of plastic or aluminium to hollow out the ammunition and a rod to recover the interior.

Step 3: Fill 'em up

Picture of Fill 'em up
Use a piece of the interior as a first plug, fill the franfurter and put a second plug to prison the spice.

Ready to serve!!!

(We used it to prank our dog, who had the unpleasant habit to swallow everything on the road. Just a few booby's and gone was this habit!)
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vincent752010 months ago
this is mean !