Picture of YARSV (Yet Another R-Strap Version)

Good news everyone :),

I finally got my first DSRL Camera, it is used and came without the strap. It's a Canon 300D, it's old but will help me improve my skills as a photographer.

Like almost everything in my life I get really excited and start planning ways to improve the setup I have, sometimes I think I like the gadgets better then the activity itself.LOL

I was thinking about buying a new neck strap and then I remembered about some company, Black Rapid (http://www.blackrapid.com/), and I have to say they have one of the best products ever, the problem is I just can't afford it. 

Well, back to business. I decide to build my very own r-strap-like. I did some research on the subject and what I found, specially here on instructables wasn't really anything like the real r-strap. The main problem with almost all the projects here is that they fail to perform the very special thing that the real r-strap offers: the camera slides on the strap, this is what makes the r-strap perfect. If you go to their website you will be able to see the videos showing how awesome it is to have the camera sliding on the strap and not the strap sliding on your shoulder.

So here I will share my own version of the r-strap, with the sliding camera.
Hope you enjoy.

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TheAlp3 years ago
Only thing i'm missing is the bolt and i can't seem to find it anywhere in Denmark, only option i got is to buy the part from the official one and use that.
pcapelo (author)  TheAlp3 years ago
Go to a hardware store and show then the picture. I am sure you can find it.
Congrats :)
TheAlp pcapelo3 years ago
will try, you have any idea what the bolt size is called in the metric system?
pcapelo (author)  TheAlp3 years ago
hello again,

check this link out:



ARCHellas3 years ago
You might want to take off the lens cap when taking pictures! <GRIN>

Nice job!