Introduction: Y.A.i.D.

Yet Another iPod Dock
Yet unlike many. This one is made with mini K'NEX(Yeah they can be useful)
Also, this is my first 'ible, apart from the slideshow, so don't kill me with the extreme critisim.

Step 1: For Starters

Here is what you need to build first of all.

Step 2: Let's Start

I will just suppose your on this page now that you have build the things in the last one. Heres how to start building.

Step 3: How to Put the IPod on There

Now that your done building you can slide the iPod in the dock. To do this, slide the iPod behind the black rods that are sticking out. Examine the picture for more help

Step 4: What About Other Electronics?

You can replace the rods with others that fit your phone or a different oversized device(not to mention the iPad).



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    Looks shabby, and it doesn't fit it well. Try and keep those things in mind next time you make one.