YADPF (YET Another Digital Picture Frame)





Introduction: YADPF (YET Another Digital Picture Frame)

I know this isn't new stuff, I know, I have seen some of these projects here, but i always wanted to build my own digital picture frame. All Picture frames i have seen are nice, but i was looking for something else, I am looking for a really nice frame (custom made and that's ain't cheap), a nice size (14.1") and with some "extras" (wi-fi, bluetooth, etc).

I think i got it and i happy (almost) with the final result.

This is a brief description how to disassemble a notebook and assemble a nice digital frame.

Thank you everyone to read it.

Step 1: First Things First - "the Brain"

All the process start with the notebook. I got from a friend an old KDS Valiant 6480iPTD. A 14.1" p3 800mhz, 512Mb 20Gb HD. HE gave to me only because the LCD inverter was damaged, otherwise would tkae another couple of months before i had the project started.

Well. I manage to find another inverter and then i was ready to start my dream digital frame.

Step 2: Disassembling

That's was the easiest thing ever. Who doesn't love dismantle things. The only tools needed was 2 screw drivers (phillips to be exact). And i felt like i was 6 years old, after disassemble a watch, with all the pieces laying around my table and I thinking if i was able to re-assemble again :)

I just love to "destroy" things : )

Step 3: The Frame

I decide to order a custom made frame. I'm sorry guys, I didn't feel confortable building my own, maybe next time. Remember i was looking for a "state of the art" frame.

So i went to a frame store with the LCD in hands and order this job:

Step 4: Installing the Hardware

Now my problems start.

I was planning to install the motherboard "inside" the frame, but i also want be able to use the dvd-rom, pcmcia, speakers, microphone, network , etc., so i had to make some kind of support. For now I decide work with aluminum for the supports. next version i will use acrylic (lexan). I think the pictures are self-explanatory.

Step 5: Installing OS


Step 6: Final Product

This isn't definitely the final place, but I'm happy that I was able to finish this project.

Now the next one. I have to pick between a mini arcade and a carputer (already have the parts for both projects). LOL

Step 7: Final Thoughts

Don't think i will let those wires running from the frame to the power outlet. My plan is to install an outlet behind the frame to make the appearance even better. This picture is the first idea. I will add usb, vga, serial, audio ports later.

I know this is not a "step-by-step" instructables. But I also understand we are also lead by example (I am). I hope you all like my project and I hope you all decide to make different in your lives. Creativity are the engine that makes us grown.




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    You should somehow connect a wireless mouse/keyboard to it and double it as a hanging web browser ;)

    Hmm.. I have a crummy oooooold laptop (think early 1997) that might be just enough to do something similar to this. Maybe display flashing colors?

    LOL, good idea. I have a IBM thinkpad 486, 20mg RAM and 810mb HD running win95 waiting to become something else. Im trying to have win98 intalled, but with only a floppy its gonna take me some time. LOL. 256 colors RULEZ cheers PC

    My IBM thinky R31 had 128mb and runs XP perfectly!

    is it possible to do the same setup, and install redpost linux?

    I believe so. Unfortunately I never heard about that distro. I will check it out (now I'm curious).

    Is there a way to make this into a xbox 360 monitor? I have a dated toshiba laptop thats begging to be recycled into something useful. Any incite would be nice.

    yes, very easily. install a slim os such as windows xp with tv card support, and support for your speakers (if it has a good sound card). get a tv card such as http://www.hauppauge.com/site/products/data_usblive.html and hook that up. use the program dscaler for video input from the usb and output to the screen. make sure that your system has at leats 256 mb ram, but 768 mb or 1 gb will give you the best quality i have ever seen. if you want, and the laptop has a wireless internal card, you can remove it, use a smaller hard drive, along with many other devices. you may have a slight lag, but most game systems have a configuration option for this now.

    it is made just for dpf's.