Picture of YF - 23 Black Widow II Model Aircraft USB Flash Drive
I had two of the same boring model aeroplanes and, while I don't usually cut up any models, I have better ones to take up the space of this pointless one on the shelf. The aircraft has played no significant role in history and is not a very good looking one. The cockpit, however, looks Hi-tech enough to be reused. I thought it was time for me to make something a little more practical, so this is what I did . . .

Step 1: Cut away what will not be used

Picture of Cut away what will not be used
Mark where the model will be cut, then start to make small grooves with a file or blade along this line so that whatever you cut it with doesn't slip and cut something which should not be cut. Always cut off a little more than is needed so that it can be more neatly trimmed/filed at a later point.
thofer1 year ago

As a model builder, this is cool. You should take it one step further though, and make a receptacle in the fuselage of the plane so when the drive is not in use you can display the whole model as one unit. It would also be pretty "Stealthy" (Pun intended!)

awesomecreations (author)  thofer1 year ago

Haha :) Yeah, I considered doing that but decided not to, since this model is not that great and also it looked a little weird after cutting it. But, with a nicer model, I am sure some good results could come from trying that! ;)

Lorddrake2 years ago
Rather than scrapping the back end of the model, make it so that the cockpit can plug back into the fuselage, then tuck the model in behind a few others so the cut will be less noticeable - instant hidden USB drive for your important sensitive information.

awesomecreations (author)  Lorddrake2 years ago
I thought about that, but I made this one to sell at school and I don't think anybody wants to walk arount with a huge USB lid which won't fit into their pocket.