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Introduction: YM - Disc Drive Destructibles

On Saturday afternoons I gather some 14 year olds and we make / learn something.

I know this site is meant to be about "instructables". Today we decided to tear apart 7 hard disc drives to see if we could reuse their components. The main prize was the motor, although we were also interested in the magnets etc.

As you can see from the photos we begun at my dining room table with screw drivers and ended in the garden with hammers. The latest drives aren't meant to be disassembled! I call this activity "disc drive destructible".



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    Whenever I see a label that states, No user serviceable parts inside I take it as an invitation.

    don't forget a nice bearing/shaft combo, fodder for your aluminium melting furnace, and some possibly useful smd components.

    About the only thing NOT easily disassembled with the PROPER screwdriver, is if they pressed the motor in.

    On the other hand, GREAT WORK getting a group of modern teenagers to sit around the same table with an adult present, and DO something. :-) if it takes a little hammer work in the yard to succeed, then you keep on keepin on.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I looked like the newer drives had the motor pressed in which made them difficult. In the older drives the motor came out quite easily. We identified a fair number of the components, like capacitors. My electronics is rusty so I think I learnt as much as the kids.