Our Family Yoshi Sweatshirts!

Step 1: NEEDS

Things you will need
Sweatshirt - color of your choice
1 1/2 yards of white fuzzy fabric - for belling ears, back and eyes
1/2 yard of Pink (or any color you choose) - for eyes and nose
1 yard of red felt - for spikes and circle on back
a small square of black fabric for eyes
1/2 yard of red fleece - for a scarf

Sewing machine
chalk for marking the fabric
Foam - to shape the eyes
I made this for my son for Halloween. Thanks for the inspiration! I linked to your post on my blog (pictures included if you're interested): <br>http://projectbonbon.blogspot.com/2012/10/costume-galore.html
This made my day, I loved seeing it, that's what it's all about
LoL! <br>Pretty cool man! Gotta sew one myself! <br>Congratulations!
wow! thats reall cool! :D
The coolest thing about these is that you can wear them whenever! Not just at Halloween cause they are soooo cool <br>
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest!!! Can&rsquo;t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
So sweet perfect for couples =)
cool! I like the effort put in to make everyone in ur family have a Yoshi Hoodie<br>
thanks for the comments we wanted to make something fun and easy for anyone to make.<br>
These are so awesome! It'll be great for Halloween!
That is so cute! What a fun idea!
Really Nice! I favorited this.
Very cute!

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