Picture of YaHookah! The computer you can smoke
UPDATE: Additional photos and video finally uploaded!  Please vote if you like this instructable! 

 I've decided to make a project for the Dead Computer Contest.  This is my first post, but have been a long time lurker and project maker since the womb.  

The total cost spent for this project was $4, which was for the ceramic bowl piece purchased from the local Smoker Friendly.  The rest was the first salvaged parts I could come across in my house over the course of about 3 evenings.

I had a few goals with this:
1) Find a use for the file server that died a couple weeks ago
2) Combine multiple interests of mine
3) Not purchase any parts for said project, must be all claimed on the homestead.  We're the type of people, and by we I mean fellow Instructables followers, who hold onto that cut off waste material, that random bracket, bits of wire, and the like...what better time to use these
4) R-E-C-Y-C-L-E!

I came up with the idea for "YaHookah".... hookah bars and shops have recently made their way into my area and are becoming quite popular.  The idea is to make my own inside of this computer case, make it portable where I could take it to a buddy's house (or perhaps LAN party), and a little better looking than this old black box of mine.

Here's the old file server that finally kicked the was missing the case sides, looked god awful, and needs to be replaced.  I ripped the guts out and held onto her parts for another day.
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x3n0c1dal2 years ago
Nice instructible. I have an instructible series coming out about kinds of smoking apparatuses and how to make them. by far, I only have one about making a bong, or "water filtered pipe" and I would strongly appreciate if anyone could view it and comment on it. Thank you.
thedoc673 years ago
Freakin AWESOME the only thing I would have done differently is to not have the cigarette lighter but to flip a switch and have an element turn on inside of the bowl underneath the tobacco...but still AWESOME!!!

kirkfog (author)  thedoc673 years ago
Thanks doc, trust me that was my initial thought too! This was a very spur of the moment idea and immediate build, and my materials or time at the moment wouldn't allow it. I've always thought about going back and doing Yahookah v2.0!
tcmcnomad4 years ago
this is beyond awesome!! I am scrounging parts right now to mount a bong (I know this one is a hookah) inside my computer & you are my inspiration
zigojacko4 years ago
Haha, genious! What a great idea. with an old PC case, I guess this wouldn't cost much at all to try and replicate! :D
THIS is my next project! 100% positively! Awesome Build!
Any diagrams or instructions on wiring this cd rom so we can achive the same fun action?
mantragloom4 years ago
WOW..looks interesting.Gonna try this one
kirkfog (author) 4 years ago
 Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the positive comments, after I posted my instructable on here, within 36 hours it had started sweeping about the web with tens of thousands of hits on various sites, most all of which were positive...had a lot of fun with this project and plan for a revision 2 in the future!
pkmn kirkfog4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
xACIDITYx pkmn4 years ago
Eh, most of the comments below and above seem to be positive. I see lots of "I don't smoke, but cool nonetheless" posts, and I'd consider that to be positive.
dombeef4 years ago
I wont do this becasue I dont smoke but still great job building it!
cwellons4 years ago
I am a little fuzzy on how you powered this. I don't believe I see a mother board so did you run it all from the power supply? I am pretty new to gutting computers so any advice you have would be great!
kirkfog (author)  cwellons4 years ago
 Your right, there is no motherboard...normally the power button on your computer case is connected to a couple pins on your motherboard, that tell the power supply to kick on and supply the juice...What I did, was wire the front switch, to two wires on the connector that normally snaps into your motherboard on the power supply, the green wire for the "ON" and a black wire for the ground, on MOST standard ATX power supplies the green wire is what you need.
jpod094 years ago
 I think it would be really neat/nice to be able to have the bowl lay down and stand up as it came out, would be pretty easy to do. I imagine a thin wire attached to a point on the case that when the drive was extended all the way had the pull necessary to keep the bowl standing up, then have a low strength spring that would pull it down when it went back in.

I'm interested in building one of these this weekend, and I'll look into implementing my idea and letting you know!
jpod09 jpod094 years ago
 Although, I guess the one thing I didn't think of is how you would work that with the right angle PVC that is there for support, again, I'll just have to look into that and see how it goes.
Not sure why you would have the aquarium stones running from a pump. It would make more sense to ditch that, which is putting more air in with the smoke in the chamber, and attach a diffuser/aquarium stones to the pipe from the bowl.
Good job though!
kirkfog (author)  MarshyTheKid4 years ago
 Thanks for the recommendation, I originally only had the bubble stones in there for visual appeal....I wasn't sure if it would affect performance or not, and I did not do a test without them to see if there was any difference, but I can say for sure that the smoke was billowing and going strong out of the hose when the shisha heated up! Thanks again
chabias4 years ago
Very cool 'ible. Love the name of it!!
Jur4 years ago
This is awesome! I will definitely do this, I just have to pick up some acrylic and some spray paint in funky colors. I'll be sure to post pictures when it's done =)
(removed by author or community request)
No. This and those do not use the same type of tobacco.
its still tobacco just without the chemicals found in common cigarettes. its pretty much shredded tobacco leaves drenched in molasses and artificial flavors.
Completely wrapped your brain around this one, didn't you?!  Resourceful, ingenius, and mad skills down to the paint job!
do you have a full parts list? but this is so sick. im going to build one. i have been smoking shiesha for 3 years and ths is by far the coolest setup i have ever seen.... i want one with 4 hoses
Looks sweet! Is it as difficult as it looks to drain the water after you use it?
kirkfog (author)  carpediemkiddo4 years ago
 Right now the acrylic box comes right out of the case and can be my future revisions i'd like to be able to drain right out of the back of the case with a's one of a number of things I'd like to add in the future for ease
Future revisions hmm, how about a munchie compartment lol just in case hunger strikes lol I'm not advocating snacking between meals but you never know when hunger might strike :>
kirkfog (author) 4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
ac1D kirkfog4 years ago
You got featured on nerdapproved and gizmodo!
i'd like to see it in action.
 Agreed! Definitely would like to see a video. 
kirkfog (author)  domestic_engineer4 years ago
 I'm awaiting the return of my girlfriend and her camera so we can take a video, it's great!  
That's awesome!  Not sure about the Sesame Street paint job (I personally wouldn't want kids to see it as a toy) and I'm not sure if you've ever tried to clean resin out of a pc, but awesome nonetheless!
jspace4 years ago
That is the UGLIEST color scheme ever IMO. Ugly in a good kind of way though, sort of like a pug. It's garishly awesome.
Good job on the painting, BTW.
NvizioN4 years ago
 I'll be building one of these in no time.  
I've had a dead computer in my closet for a few weeks, trying to decide what to do with it, and here's my solution.
Thank you.
Joe Martin4 years ago
I don't smoke either but I LOVE the colour scheme and the creativeness of the idea!
ac1D4 years ago
I don't smoke.. but the computer case look awesome!