Yahtzee Pod





Introduction: Yahtzee Pod

Can't find a good game to play? I like playing Yahtzee,
Its Fun to with anyone, its simple and enjoyable.
But Don't have yahtzee? Well follow this easy Instructable to makeing a cool, small yahtzee game.

Oh, and before you read please note this is my first, tell me what you think, and more importantly have fun!

Step 1: Get Supplies

What you will need to make this...
5 Dice
tennis ball tube
Rules document
Score sheet, however many,
and some people to play with

Download this pic
and print coppies
this is your score sheet.

Step 2: Download Some More

In the preivos step you printed out the scoresheet
now you will print out the rules

You might want to cut it so it will fit in the bottle,

Then download the yahtzee sing
print and cut these two out.

Step 3: Assemble

Now throw in the dice, fit in the scoresheets and rules and paste/glue on the sing and... Presto!

Have fun!



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    Very nice, I used to play with my parents and we used to just make our own score sheets on a tablet.

    This is pretty cool but if you have access to a computer why not just make it easier on yourself and just carry around the dice. If you go to http://www.yahtzeescoresheet.com you can enter your scores online for free and it'll add all the totals for you right there on the screen. It's free and VERY cool.

    Just wanted to thank you for having done this. We had everything we needed to play except the score sheets and I looked all over the internet trying to find a printable copy of the genuine thing. I couldn't find it anywhere else and finally I stumbled upon this site and your do-it-yourself game. I copied the picture..enlarged it just a bit since my hubby and I don't have the vision we used to, and now we're back to playing regularly. Thanks a bunch!!!

    I liked your idea so much, I made an "environmantally friendly" version by only printing 1 score card and laminating it. I keep score on it with a whiteboard dry-marker and just re-use the card forever.

    probably verry for spending 10-20 dollars on it

    i wonder how pissed the 1st guy to open up a yatzee box was... "wtf, its just some dice and cups and paper!"