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Step 1: Insert Hardware & Finish

Put the speaker & the music-player in place and close top & bottom.
I put a few extra foam band on the outside of the tube, covered with duct-tape, to make it even more shockproof.

Ready you are!

Thanx for whatching guys and rock your worksite!
Quick and dirty. <br>But efficient I would say. <br>Voted <br> <br>Now let's have a beer !&hellip; ;)
Good idea. I should apply similar protection to my workshop radio. I hear news and politic comments in AM (Amplitud Modulada) every day.
Always the first to react, thank you rimar!
I enter to the page three or more times each day, bartolo.
very nice! i might have to try that ;-)
Thank you, post a pikkie when it's done!

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