Picture of Yankee Candle Jar to Candy Jar!
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I've seen people make candy jars out of mason jars or old salsa jars. Which is a great idea... but I'm not really into mason jars when it comes to decorative jars. I like things to look a little more classy.

After brainstorming a bit, it hit me!


I had a bunch in a cupboard that were almost all used up!


You'll need:
-Yankee Candle Jar(s) with any wax taken out & completely washed out.
-Candle stick(s) -I used some glass ones from the dollar store.
-Super Glue that works on glass -I suggest Gorilla Super Glue,  it works best.

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Love you all!
♥ Hannah
scoochmaroo2 years ago
I'd love to see an instructable on how you clean the remaining wax out of your jars!
I just used a knife to break up as much of it as I could, and then I used hot (like BOILING) water to wash out & melt the wax.

you can also use a similar process to this one, which deals with labels
Love it! Such an easy way to fancily show off your candy :)