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I have wanted a yard cart to use around the yard for some time. I could not find any plans for one and the commercially available ones do not fold flat for storage and are expensive. Being inspired by some of the bicycle trailer instructables I did come across on the site I created this little gem and decided to share it.

I utilized old pieces of plywood and materials I had around the house so it cost me nothing to manufacture. If you had to go purchase the materials it may not be as economical however gleaning on large trash day in your neighborhood could probably resolve that and stop items going to the land fill. Another green aspect of the project.

Since it does not destroy the golf cart it also allows for multi purpose use of the materials. It can be used by hand or towed behind your lawn tractor,

Step 1: Assemble the Materials and Components.

I sized the floor to accept four lawn trash bags however I failed to take into account bag bulge so you may want to make yours a little larger because I can only get 2 or 3 previously filled bags into the trailer. If they were filled in the trailer it would accept 4 and the bag bulge would not occur until it was above the sides of the trailer so fill them to the top and when you remove they will settle below the fold line on the bag.

Again all the materials I used were already laying around the house. If you cannot make yours identical to mine I hope at least this will inspire you to create your own from what you can obtain.


�ood. (mine was well weathered as it had been stored outside for a couple of years) See pattern for sizes.
Folding golf cart (mine was called caddy wagon)
2 x 4 ripped down the center.
Eight hinges
2 pieces of Velcro hook 2 in x 4 in
2 pieces of Velcro loop 2 in x 8 in
Screws and wood glue.

Cut the floor board to size.
Mark the centerline of the floorboard and then place the cart on the bottom side of the floor board.
Mark the location of the straps that would be used to hold the golf bag to the cart on the floor board.
Drill out the strap locations creating a slot large enough for the strap to pass through the plywood (I used a � inch bit and 3 overlapping holes for each slot)
Now strap the plywood to the cart.
Hi, I did the same thing in my instructable for my bike last year. I have a few hundred miles on mine and have another bike and improved the hitch which I want to publish. It is light weight, sturdy, and holding up better than I imagined. Peace

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