Yard Zombies for Halloween or Paintball





Introduction: Yard Zombies for Halloween or Paintball

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I made it at TechShop

Okay boils and gouls, here's your chance to create your own zombie apocalypse. Great for Halloween or even paintball targets! But sorry, since we sell these, no pattern is available at this time.


4' x 8' sheet of plywood or OSB
1/2" PVC pipe approximately 2' long
1/2" rebar approximately 3' long
Flat black latex house paint
Flat black spray paint
Construction adhesive
Tools (all available at TechShop):
ShopBot and VCarve software
Cold saw / chop saw
Miter saw
Bastard file (optional)
Metal sander or bench grinder (optional)
Hammer (for installation)
Create your zombies
  • Import or create your zombie design into the VCarve software. (We are selling these commercially, so sorry, the pattern in not available for download.)
  • You will see from the photos, that we painted both sides of the OSB before cutting, to try to make it easier to finish, but in the end, we decided that it really wasn't worth it.
  • Cut the shapes on the ShopBot. WARNING: If you are cutting OSB, be sure to use a spiral bit, and turn the spinal speed WAY down, to avoid overheating and potential fire hazard.
  • You will also see from the photo that we cut a 1/4" wide x 1/4" vertical groove for the PVC pipe.
  • Round off any burrs or sharp edges with the bastard file and/or sandpaper
  • Paint with flat black latex paint.
  • Using the miter saw cut a length of 1/2" PVC approximately 2' long. (No longer than your groove.)
  • Rough up the PVC with sandpaper. This will allow the spray paint to stick.
  • Using construction adhesive, attach the PVC to the back of the cutout, and allow it to set (at least overnight).
  • Spray paint the PVC.
  • Using the cold saw, cut a length of 1/2" rebar approximately 3' long. If you wish, you can use the sander or bench grinder to create a point or taper to the ends of the rebar to make them easier to pound into the ground.
  • Pound the rebar into the ground with a hammer.
  • Slide the zombie over the rebar.
  • Looks great day or night, front or back lit!



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do you sell these?

Only in the Metro Detroit area (too big for shipping).

Just curious...how much do you charge

Private message sent.

Too bad i'm in northern NJ, these are so awesome... Thanks for responding!

Do you sell these?

In metro Detroit.

Awesome idea . The perfect target for guns at the range. Thanks for the idea.

really awesome just right for us in Germany