Yarn Angel Doll


Introduction: Yarn Angel Doll

This is a different version of the yarn doll that has been around for years. I started making the yarn doll when a friend of mine asked if I could make about 30 of them for her sister, who's a school teacher. She wanted to give the ladies who helped her an end of the year gift. Hers were a bit different, though. They were more like a baby doll type. Over the years, I just kept playing with the doll until I came up with an angel.

For the doll's body I used off white worsted weight yarn. For her dress, I used worsted weight white yarn. I used ribbon around her wings and waist, and I used ribbon roses to match in her hair and on the bow at her waist. I like the way she turned out and wouldn't change anything about her. I hope everyone else likes her too.



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    It is beautiful. Where can we get a pattern and instructions

     She's BEAUTIFUL!! I would like to buy a couple of your angels. Do you sell anywhere.... ebay? e-bid? etsy? Or do you sell privately? Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you. Or where can I find the pattern? Ginny

    This is beautiful! Do you have a pattern to share?

    Beautiful. A question which yarn doll pattern? Cora

    a really lovely angel.

    She's gorgeous!!

    Beautiful angel! I think the lavendar one is my favorite!

    Neat! Looks great, but I wouldn't want one because I'm a boy, but I am sure that girls would love these! (Some girls. Hopefully.)

    She does very good work, I have seen her items on HGTV and know she makes her own patterns.