Yarn Balloon Easter/Holiday Eggs





Introduction: Yarn Balloon Easter/Holiday Eggs

These are super simple decorations for Easter, Christmas, or any holiday you choose. just change the yarn or string and embellishment colors.

Step 1: Step 1-Shopping List

1-School glue and water (50/50 mixture)
3-Water balloons
4-Wax paper
5-Medium bowl
6-Some TIME!

Optional-Glitter, Sparkles, Beads, etc

Step 2: Step 2-Glue Mixture

In the bowl, measure equal amounts of glue and water and mix well until the consistency and look of milk.

Step 3: Step 3-String and Balloon

Blow up the balloon. Pull out about 5-6 feet of string, depending on the size of balloons you are using. Feed string into bowl of glue/water mixture and get entire string wet. Pull string out of bowl from other end while sliding other hand fingers among string to remove excess glue. This will decrease dying time, make for a neater working area, and make wrapping the balloons easier.

Step 4: Step 4-Wrap Balloons

While holding the end of the string against the balloon, start wrapping the balloon. Be sure to work in circular motions while keeping tension in the string and wrapping the balloon a little tight.

HINT- Do not make drastic turns while wrapping as it will unwind and fall apart!

Step 5: Step 6-Set Aside and Let Dry

Place the eggs on wax paper and let dry (depends on amount of glue, but approx. 24 hours).

Step 6: Pop and Display

When the string is completely dry, pop the balloon and carefully pull it out. Now it is ready to display. You can put candy or other fun stuff inside the balloon before you blow it up. I have not found an easy way to do this yet. if you know of a way, please share.

Step 7:


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It is soooooo cute! Can't wait to get supplies to make some.

To put candy in the balloon, first put candy in a dry water bottle, blow the balloon up, twist neck slightly and place over bottle. Then let air pressure equalize and pour candy from water bottle into balloon. Let air out of balloon until the right size.