Wikipedia describes yarn bombing as "a type of graffiti or street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted cloth rather than paint or chalk." Knitted, crocheted or woven pieces are sewn around inanimate public objects such as bike racks, light poles, telephone boxes and abandoned buses. The purpose is to bring some beauty and wonder into otherwise drab and everyday surroundings. It is less damaging than painted graffiti and costs next to nothing (a pair of scissors and a few minutes work) to be cleaned up and taken away. Some find it to be pointless and no better than any other form of vandalism, but it can be easily argued that it does cause people to stop and take a fresh look at their surroundings. Larger groups such as Knitta Please and Knit the City often do large scale projects, but smaller tags can be easily created and installed by lone artists. This instructable will take you through the basic steps of yarn bombing.

For more information, check http://www.yarnbombing.com, a blog devoted to yarn bombing. There is also a newly published book on the subject called Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti by Arsenal Pulp Press.
What are the legal issues with this? Could you get fined or prosecuted for Yarn Bombing?

i wonder that TO

The legality of knit/crochet graffiti is fuzzy ;)
This is one of the best comments I've seen on Instructables, ever, and I've been here since '08.
VeganEthan11 months ago

I love this. I have lots of pieces that cam out weird(who doesn't?) or that I made because I liked the yarn(who doesn't?) so this is an excellent way to "dispose" of them.

RN1012 years ago
I love this idea! Anything that adds color, or wonder adds to life. You never know how your work might influence someone-from learning how to knit (or learn to do something, for that matter), to adding color to your life, to becoming socially active-what a lovely idea! brava!
acabrera72 years ago
here's a recent yarn bombed site!
Go to Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Find the Lighthouse museum, Maritime museum and the Docks.
I was like, "Whaaaaaa??? what the heck happened?"
some of the designs were pulled down, but plenty remain!
quahogwi3 years ago
Would crochet be acceptable?
it sais knitting/crochet so I guess it's ok
chroma IF3 years ago
'biodegradable graffiti' got the idea from 'VIGTOR' who tagged hugely under a bridge... in river mud. some yutz *painted over it* couldn't wait for a flood year i guess. blackberries are pretty good. I have also affixed baskety things woven out of plant parts to handrails and such. Yarn is such a gentle format, anyone with a pocketknife or a match can take it off if it bugs them.
jal4923 years ago
Graffiti Knitting is huge in Nelson, New Zealand - Heaps of random street objects have been covered, like drinking fountains, bike racks, trees, park benches, abandoned bicycles, etc. One creative graffiti knitter also wove yarn between the links of a chain link barrier! Don't know if there are photos online, but it'd be worth a Google. On a personal note, it's cool to see peeps being creative, but couldn't the yarn be used also to knit blankets, socks, hats, etc for disadvantaged kids? Don't want so seem like a downer, but when there's so much poverty in the world, it'd be good to see these kinds of awesome knitting skills harnessed for not just beautifying bland public spaces, but also for directly helping those in need. Great work though!
starny3 years ago
It is very whimsical, which brings people out of their everyday thoughts and can give a sense of fun, and awe. Whimsy is an unexpected and out of place. I love whimsy!
During the summer holiday we went to Skegness (UK) and on the pier, all the lights had knitted coverings, me and my mum thought they were keeping the lamps warm :D
Mauigerbil4 years ago
LOL I would knit a perfect copy of a sign and yarn bomb like that. Maybe go past it every once in a while and see if anyone notices XD
this is really a cool idea. I really really like it!
amtdude4 years ago
lol, wow, get some markers, stickers and some paint dude. u cant bomb with yarn, its just messed up
Right tho!!!! Ppl are defiling da name of true graffiti n makin it stupid n pointless. I mean even sculpture graffiti n led throwies are better than this n thts sayin alot.
cnash rockgod574 years ago
Ahem. Sir, the last time I heard any respectable graff. artist speak at least they had better grammar than you,
Graffiti has evolved to meet the geeky standards of clever people nowadays. It's less tagging, and more being creative. LED throwies are just an example of this. Anything that unlawfully makes the world a better looking place tends to be called graffiti.

I personally think that since so many people are moving on from just scrawling their tag on a wall, graffiti is actually positive. It at least makes people less mad at artists who pull stuff like this, which is good.
That is true, but you still can't legalise graffiti, because then the non-artistic community will then be like awesome *Writes illegible scrawly words*

I think many paint graffiti artists are great artists, but do it in the wrong places, eg somebodies fence..
Thats downright inconsiderate.

This is a little quirky thing that think is bound to lighten many peoples days, and if you have an objection to it being called graffiti, call it people knitting around many inanimate objects. You get extra words to say for objecting.
I believe it is possible to bomb with yarn. It has been done.
I saw this covering like 20 trees at a park in a city that I visited. Needless to say it confused me, then brightened my day a little bit
jakebaldwin4 years ago
I was so happy when I saw these covering the bottoms of all the street lamps and bike racks on two blocks near the waterfront of San Francisco. I even saw a bike wrapped!

It made my day.
grooooovy5 years ago
Check out the summer yarns contest today, and vote for your favorite!
ezcheese5 years ago
Vodafone in Ireland have some TV ads running at the moment based around this concept. Pretty cool I must say.

DarthKnitious (author)  ezcheese5 years ago
Wow, that's really great! :D That commercial made me so happy.
This is really cool.
DarthKnitious (author)  LuminousObject5 years ago
Hey, are you the same person that covered the bus? I saw something like this in Make Magazine.
DarthKnitious (author)  LuminousObject5 years ago
No, that's a group based out of Texas called Knitta Please. :D The bus project is what inspired me to start in my city.
i prefer markers and paint
richleen125 years ago
This is so cool!  I'm going to do it and on my tag write a poem or quotation.
V-Man7375 years ago
Oh heck yeah! Now THAT's what to decorat your city with! They won't ever expect it! The contrast between the knit and post on the handicapped parking sign is particularly cool.
DarthKnitious (author)  V-Man7375 years ago
Thanks! Unfortunately, the one on the handicapped sign was removed, but others are still up. :)
Removed? I bet they decided it'd make a good arm warmer. Keep your eyes open for it!