Picture of Yarn Holder from old plastic bottle
yarn holder from pastic bottle 007.jpg
Calling all Knitters! Are you tired of your yarn getting dirty and tangled when you are knitting. Be wise! Here is one way that you can keep your yarn clean and stop it from being tangled up. All you need is

One empty plastic bottle - clean and dry
one knife
short length of masking tape
and of course - yarn
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Step 1: Find a suitable bottle

Picture of Find a suitable bottle
yarn holder from pastic bottle 003.jpg
Remove the label from the bottle by whatever means you can! I have used a regular soda bottle, which is just about the right size for a skein of yarn to fit into. You can also use any plastic bottle which is big enough. You can use an apple juice bottle which doe not have money back on them and this would be even better.

Step 2: Cut the bottom off the bottle

Picture of Cut the bottom off the bottle
Take a sharp knife, and being careful that you do not cut yourself, slice the bottom of the soda bottle off, almost all the way, but not quite! Leave it attached by about an inch.

Make sure the bottle is washed clean and not sticky and dry it well both inside and out. The last thing you want is sticky yarn.

Step 3: Insert the yarn

Picture of Insert the yarn
Insert the yarn into the clean dry bottle through the hole you have made by cutting off the bottom. Pull the knitting end of the yarn through the bottle top. Make sure the yarn runs freely.

Step 4: Tape up the bottom

Picture of Tape up the bottom
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Use masking tape and tape the bottom part of the bottle back into place so that your yarn is safely inside. Masking tape is good as it is easily removed when you have finished your ball of yarn and wish to insert another skein. You can make several of these yarn bottles and they will keep the yarn safe, clean and cosy while you knit (and intrigue the cat, who will not be able to interfere!)

Step 5: All Finished - let the knitting commence!

Picture of All Finished - let the knitting commence!
I hope this use of an old plastic bottle helps all the knitters out there and helps keep more of them out of the land fill.