Step 2: Cut the Bottom Off the Bottle

Take a sharp knife, and being careful that you do not cut yourself, slice the bottom of the soda bottle off, almost all the way, but not quite! Leave it attached by about an inch.

Make sure the bottle is washed clean and not sticky and dry it well both inside and out. The last thing you want is sticky yarn.
What a great idea!
why have i never heard of this before?!<br>its so simple!<br>it will definetley help when im doing intarsia with several yarns to keep from the inevitable terrible tangles!
How about a milk jug with a large hole in one side? Then you could just drop in a new skien when you're ready! Maybe make a little flap out of another bottle... hmmm... the hamsters are running...
Ooh, here ya go-- cut the bottom off of one bottle, and the top off of another bottle. Then you could just slide them together!
You don't need two different sizes they will friction fit just fine. The bottom piece slides right in the top. I use one of these all the time. The cat hasn't figured out how to open it yet.
Two good ideas!
That would make an excellent way to cat proof my yarn while I'm knitting too, and I ahve a friend who drinks one of those bottles of soda every two days so I ahve a supply of bottles for the asking. Great 'ible!
All three of my cats, grab at my yarn, and will end up about three years away, down in the basement, and all rolled out. They're crazy. *rolls eyes*
as I frequently use many strands of yarn together, and the tangles drive me crazy, I'll have to look into this. It's definitely an improvement over poking a hole in the plastic lid of an oatmeal box as those edges can be rough and wear at the yarn but the neck of the plastic bottle would be smooth - cool beans!!
Nice idea, and keeps the yarn away from kitty. My cat's always a nuisance when I bring out any string-type substance.
your cat likes yarn my dog likes bottles this would also make a cool pet toy ;)
That's quite a thought!

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