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I occasionally make yarn men and just hang them around the house. I use old telephone wire and strip it down to the individual wires and bend and twist them into a body shape. I choose people but with imagination I am sure that you can do animals and anything that comes to mind.

Once the armature is constructed it is a simple matter of tying the yarn to the frame and wrapping tightly until you have the desired fullness. A couple of well-placed knots finish up the project. Bend and pose your creations and have some fun.

I like to make these and place them around the house for little spots of whimsy. Hanging from a set of deer antlers in the family room, on the end of a lamp pull chain in a bedroom.


danielle1954 (author)2011-11-13

wonderful idea! I will make some.

build52 (author)2011-02-22

that is awesome I can"t wait to make it

sdbigguy (author)build522011-02-22

Glad you like them. They are really easy to make. Make sure to hang them around and wait to see people notice them and chuckle.

build52 (author)sdbigguy2011-02-24


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