My sister is an Instructable addict :-) In fact it was she who convinced me to join instructable.(perhaps to vote for her haha). Any way she was now pushing me to try making instructables.. :-) ...So here it is...my second instructable ( the idea is hers... though the work is mine :-)  )

Step 1: Yarn Yarn Yarn

My mom had loads of yarn which is useless to her as it's all entangled...so...here is what we did with it :-)
You would need loads of scrap yarn...
White glue
Cling wrap
2 bowls in the shape you want
Jute thread
Toilet roll
Some styrofoam
So beautiful!
Thanks :-)
Congratulations on being a finalist in the fiber arts contest!! Good luck to you!
Thanks! that's very sweet of you...and thanks for following too!
I love the jewelry holder! It's so pretty :)
Thanks! I like your pose :-) haha
Good job sis...congrats on being featured!
These look awesome! Love all the different bits of color. :D
Thanks! I think I'm going to like being in this site with all the wonderful comments! :-D < big grin>
Wow, that looks really good - how tough is the finished item?
Thanks! It's pretty tough that you can hang earring from the bowl...the more layers you add the tougher it becomes...just like a paper mache bowl. :-)

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