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I'm currently in the process of redecorating a red corduroy tote that a friend made me a couple years back.  At the time she let me pick out my own decorations, but looking back I'm not really sure what I was going for!  Then, I tried learning how to crochet and bought some cheap yarn in my favorite colors, however that was also a bust.  So, with this yarn and bag that needs an updo, I created a yarn spiral!  You could probably make smaller ones and glue them in bunches or onto bobby pins!

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Step 1:

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First, cut out a circle from sturdy fabric. I used leftover Halloween felt, but you could also use that green foral backing stuff. You could really cut out any shape...I guess...but keep in mind that you're using a hot glue gun so sharp corners might not come out best.

Step 2:

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Second, take your yarn and make a hefty knot. This is the center. Trim away as close to the knot as you can.

Step 3:

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crafting 007.JPG
crafting 008.JPG
crafting 010.JPG
Third, hot glue the knot to the center and spiral away! I hot glued ever half inch or so because the yarn wasn't the best at staying down.

Step 4:

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crafting 012.JPG
crafting 015.JPG
Fourth, keep spiraling until you fully cover an edge.  Then cut the edge off and tuck it under with hot glue.  Cut off the excess felt/whatever you used and voila!  Now if can be glued to whatever you're decorating!

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ChrysN4 years ago
Nice, that's a great way to add colour.