Want to customize your USB? Is the Color of your USB Not your favorite?
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Step 1: Gathering your Materials

Picture of Gathering your Materials
For this you will need:
  • a ugly color usb, or one that you want to change
  • Tape
*About 5 minutes

Step 2: First Step

Picture of First Step
Photo 24.jpg
Photo 28.jpg
Photo 26.jpg
Photo 29.jpg
Use Tape to hold down the yarn. (We will cover the Tape! :) )
Then Start Wrapping the yarn around the USB

Step 3: Second Step

Picture of Second Step
Photo 30.jpg
Photo 32.jpg
after you have wrapped the first string ( If you haven't strings just one big yarn ball, then pass this step)
Use tape at the end of the string, and repeat step 1 until the end

Step 4: The Ending

Picture of The Ending
Photo 35.jpg
Photo 37.jpg
After you have fully wrapped the USB in yarn then tape the end, with another string, or not, and cover the tape for a "design" and then put the end of the string under a string "loop" and volia! your DONE!

Step 5: Finished!

Picture of Finished!
Remember, since it's tape u can take the string or yarn off anytime!