Yarn With Conductive Thread Core





Introduction: Yarn With Conductive Thread Core

A method of attaching conductive thread to fabric.

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Step 1:

Felted wool rovings rolled into big fattys!

Step 2:

Thread a darning needle with conductive thread.

Step 3:

Feed darning needle thru the core of the big fatty.

Step 4:

Remove darning needle.

Step 5:

This is how your conductive big fatty's should look.
Make something groovalicious, like LED dreads.



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    8 Discussions

    Nice, you could probably also felt around the thread using loose wool.

    Holy WOW, you are setting my brain in motion in ways it hasn't been since college! This is so exciting to me... I absolutely LOVE the idea of mixing traditional arts with electronics. This feels like a whole new world is opening up, just begging to be explored and played with!


    1 reply

    Mind Expanding Explosions are the best!
    thanks for the kudoos and feedback.
    Now, go MAKE something and have fun with it!

    i think you'll find all the info you need, plus more, at How To Get What You Want website.

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    A great place to listen, learn and connect.

    I like this. where do you buy the conductive thread?
    Toni L

    It's real thread with a layer of conductive silver coating over the individual fibers. That's what's so groovy about it. You can weave, crochet, bobbin lace, whatever with it.

    How bendy is this conductive thread? I'm thinking about how it would work up with crochet.

    Ha! im not into either sewing or electronics, but im loving all these ibles. I am tempted to have a go. keep up the good work.