How to Make High Contrast Photos





Introduction: How to Make High Contrast Photos

Being into Instructables and photography, I decided to try AngryRedhead's method of "black-screen" photography.  I wanted to make a mobile backdrop, one that was easy to move around to the various flowers and plants in the garden. As you can see, it is simplicity personified!  Using my portable support posts,,  I simply drilled 3/8 in holes in the post, and made a square "black screen" (made of spray painted masonite mounted on cardboard). To the screen, I glued a piece of pine that I had counter sunk drilled so that I could put a bolt in the block of wood and that in turn would fit into the support post.  I've gotten a few good shots, but it's not as easy as one would expect.  Angle of the sun plays a big part, wind is a problem, and unlevel ground is a big issue.  Anyway, check out the pics.



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    Great Tip! I find getting great photographs has to be one of the hardest things about posting!

    You're right...I need all the help I can get! Thanks

    This will be on the wifes honey do list tomorrow. Thanks!

    Great simple tip, thanks.

    Very nice. Have you tried 3D photography?

    Thanks, rimar..., no, I haven't approached that yet.