Picture of Yet Another ATX Power Supply Mod
You've seen other ATX power supply mods here on instructables, but this is my version, a bit less refined but it looks nice and most importantly, it works.
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Step 1: Cut off those cursed Molex connectors!

Picture of Cut off those cursed Molex connectors!
Tools: Screwdrivers (phillips)
Wire Strippers
Needle nose pliers
Linemans Pliers
Electical tape / heat shrink
One LED of the desired color (and a 1/4 ohm resistor if you feel the need)
Scrap wire
Spray paint

This took me around an hour to complete, a bit longer to document and mess with minor hiccups i encountered.

Well, for the most part if your working with an ATX power supply, it has a 20 pin motherboard connector on it, cut all of your wires about 1 foot long, the brown, gray, and purple wires arent necessary,and can be cut shorter, but do NOT cut the green wire, that will go to our switch.

Step 2: Connect all of the wires of the same color

Picture of Connect all of the wires of the same color
Separate and bundle all of your wires by color, excluding the green and one black wire (they will go to your on off switch). Cut a hole ( i used a dremel) and mount your switch (im not sure what it should be rated for, the switch i ended up using is a push button style, i salvaged from my broken Sega Dreamcast power supply, i would assume it is rated for 120 VAC). I thenI taped all of my wires together for a clean look, although if i had binding posts i would much rather use them than the wires setup i chose.
russ_hensel2 months ago

Just a note to let you know I have added this instructable to the collection:
Encyclopedia of ATX to Bench Power Supply Conversion
Take a look at about 70 different approaches to this project.

done mine. here's some pics.
those few pics looks better than all in whole article! 
gamer7 years ago
1/4 ohm resistor? nice project! -gamer
1/4 ohm resistor means ,25 percent tolerence of going over the resistor's resisting voltage
1/4 ohm resistor, you've got something wrong... That would be 1/4 watt, wouldn't it be? -gamer
dagenius gamer5 years ago
no, he's talking about 25%. watt is not tolerence.
N1CK4ND06 years ago
Very nice, unless your power supply already has a built in power switch built in lol :p
Mr. Rig It7 years ago
Frank, Please allow me to constructively criticize you instructable. First the negatives 1.You have a nice idea here but the title is misleading. 2 You don't tell what the idea/thesis of the project is. It is only a couple steps later that this is identified and a power switch modification to an ATX case. 3. Proper capitalization of the word I (instead of i) would help. 4. Pictures could be a little better, but some pictures are better than none. Now the positives 1. Pretty good documentation of how you did it. 2. Cool idea. 3. Gives you the opportunity to use this same power supply in other Instructables 4. Nice work cleaning up and bundling all of the wires. The project came out nice. Thank you for not taking my observations personally. Good luck and keep'em coming.
good idea! :-)