Picture of Yet Another Great Computer Prank
This is a quick Two part prank to do to someone's computer in less than one minute.
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Step 1: The Pointer Prank

Picture of The Pointer Prank
This is an oldie but a goodie! Go to the Control Panel>Mouse>Pointer. Highlight Normal Select then hit browse and scroll over and select  no_il.cur, hit Open, Apply and OK. You should now have the annoying Unavailable icon....on to the next step!!!

Step 2: "The Display's Gone Screwy!"

Picture of
Now to F with the display and activate the High Contrast. Hit Shift>Alt>Screen Print and hit OK. That's it. Told you it was easy

Step 3: Watch The Panic Ensue!

Picture of Watch The Panic Ensue!
Step away and try not to blow it by laughing or you will get punched in the face!



This Instructable was made entirely on my Droid Razr with the new Instructables App! Get yours today!

zews2 years ago
nice trick
Lextone (author)  zews2 years ago
Thanks. Its quick and easy to do. Especially great prank to do to those with little to no computer skills. You know the type. The ones who will take it to the geeksquad and have it fixed for a hundred bucks.