Introduction: Yet Another Minute Mobile Stand

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Here is my first instructable. The YAMMS (Yet Another Minute Mobile Stand).

This instructable explain how to easily build a mobile stand with stuff you can find anywhere in One single minute or less !

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

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Here we are, all the stuff you'll need is 2 old plastic card (Phonecard, loyalty card, credit card ) and some scotch tape.

Step 2: Ply the Cards

Picture of Ply the Cards

All you have to do is ply the each card as the pictures shows.

Step 3: Tape Up ! and Enjoy !

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Now tape up the to cards as shown in the picture.

Put your favorite mobile phone in your brand new stand, have a nice time enjoying it.


mladenks (author)2011-04-27

good work!!

zazenergy (author)2011-03-02

Very creative!

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