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Introduction: Altoids IPod Speaker

Also can you guys please leave any comments to help improve my process!

Okay so after looking around this site for a few days I was able to compile
almost my version of Portable speakers. It was my first official attempt at a electronic
project and I am glad at how it turned out. 

Okay so i used this instructable  by Brunoip 
I minimize his circuitry by getting rid of the switch and adapting to become a rechargeable
amplifier i did this just for simplicity as i was not planning on using it a lot. 
I just used a Altoids case as the enclosure. I also glue gunned a piece of paper to the bottom of the
circuit to prevent any shorts.  Note that the Circuit says 3volts, i realize that for better sound
quality you had to up it to 9volts.

The Parts of the Circuit is 
R1: 4k7 resisor ( yellow violet red)
R2: 1M resistor (brown black green)
Q1:  BC548 or 2N3904
Q2: BC327 or 2N3906
C1: 10uF capacitor
8ohm speaker
9volt battery and connector
jack-in part of a pair of head phones.

The Quick Steps of the process for those that are interested.
First trace out the cirucit design/layout onto a pcb.
Second start to solder on the smallest object first like the two resistors.
Third solder on the capacitor and the transistors.
Fourth where it says "in" on the circuit you solder in the jack to be connected to the musical device.
Finally you connect the power source of 3v-9volts and the 8ohm speaker of a reasonable size.
Tip use a jumper wire to connect the points on the circuit it says solder.



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    Nice :)) you can try the LM380 chip, 2 watts mono amp chip. It give of a good quality of sound while having a low battery consumption rate.

    Yes this is my next build and hopefully my next instructable.

    I am now building a High Fidelity 2x65w amplifier just about the size of the altoids container you have. I now call it the micro amplifier, I've used a TDA chip. It's extremely powerful, it can power big speakers up to 2 ohms.The problem is that it drives to much heat, heat enough to melt the wire's rubber insulation.

    If you are interested in building home theater amps, try using TDA chips instead of MOSFETS :)))

    Yea im highly interested in making one now I'm going to get started on one soon.

    okay i think i fixed up everything nicely

    I guess your password is 9835 :)))

    Yup but hey unless you make it to NYC I guess I'm fine.

    We're taking a vacation there in Long Island ,N.Y. in our relatives house :))))

    this March, I think?