Picture of Yet Another Pong Game with Arduino Uno
PCD8554 Pong_bb.png
I've done a Pong game before with a 8x8 LED matrix and this is a project for me to know about PCD8544 LCD screen which was also used in Nokia 5110 cell phones. 


Here is what I needed in this project:

- Arduino Uno
- PCD8544 LCD screen (known as Nokia 5110 screen) and the datasheet if you ever wonder what the 8th pin is doing http://www.sparkfun.com/datasheets/LCD/Monochrome/Nokia5110.pdf
- 2 x 5KOhm Potentiometers
- A breadboard
- A bunch of jumper cables

If you have all these, then it's just a matter of doing the correct wiring and writing the code. But you shouldn't feel frustrated because wiring schema and source code is also included in this instructable.

It's my first Fritzing experience and I'm sure there are some mistakes in the schema. If you see any, please warn me.

You can fork the Arduino source code here : https://github.com/monur/Arduino-Uno-PCD8544-Pong

Make the connections, upload the code and start playing. You can adjust some gaming options in the code.

PS: The 8th pin is to enable the back lights. Connect it to 5V and see the old style Nokia sparkles.

I might just have to buy an ardrino

DangerousTim5 months ago

I'd like to correct you; connecting the backlights to 5v may fry them... its safer to just connect to 3.3v or use a resistor. Anyways very helpful instructable... I'm planning on making it! ;)

KevinH86 months ago

Can I use a 10 K Potentiometer or is it necessary to use a 5K?

ibenkos KevinH85 months ago

i used an 10k pot and it worked just fine for me :)

AlexU37 months ago

How long does it take to make it

LiGhTMaGiCk9 months ago
How difficult would it be if I wanted to change the orientation so that the paddles are on the right and left? Would I basically have to rewrite the whole thing or could I just modify it?
LiGhTMaGiCk9 months ago
I made this on a breadboard first and then got an extra Atmega8 chip and built the whole thing on a circuit board but I didn't want to commit the screen to the project permanently so I built a connector to interface the screen on the outside of the project box.
lovelyazka1 year ago
how if im add ARTIFICIAL INTELEGENT (AI) in pong ? so i can play with computer and have 3 levels , easy,medium and hard ..