Picture of Yet Another Stupid Dance Pad
nothing special, just a 25 pound(11.3 kilo) wooden usb dance pad based on a microsoft keyboard

Step 1: Drawing the pattern

Picture of Drawing the pattern
First you want to visualize how the pad should be, choose the sizes of the buttons and the layout you want
alot of people will choose a basic 4 button pad
while others will add 2 extra buttons to the top right and top left for a 6 button pad
you can also add 2 more to bottom right and left and possibly even extras for enter and escape(or extra functions)
How well does the pad work? Can you perform jumps and hands on it?
Frogz (author)  metaknight25507 years ago
i dont even know what hands are but it can take a 200 pound guy jumping hard enough on the buttons to knock stuff off of a desk
Hands are Jumps with 3 or more arrows or holds...
Anyway, how well does it work? _
Frogz (author)  metaknight25507 years ago
i'd show you but i suck too bad to record a video also its too big to transport for my girlfriend to use
Frogz (author) 7 years ago
by the way, after cutting out the buttons i bolted the board stogether and cut out the sides