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Introduction: Yet Another Arc Reactor

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Just a simple iron man arc reactor I built for Halloween. Read the notations in the pictures for the instructions, there should be enough info for you to make one yourself. If enough people request it, then i'll write a full, more detailed instructable

You'll need
2 3-inch diameter plastic discs
13 white leds
2 pattern cutouts (download here)
some wire
misc tools (soldering iron, dremel,wire cutters, exacto knife, hot glue gun, etc.)



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    where did you get the plastic discs?

    I used a rotary tool (dremel) with the flat side of a cutting disk.

    If this is posted on instructables then it needs and instructable. You should really show us in a detailed instructables. :)

    Need more detailed instructions

    I need instructions and a proper list of items required
    Pls help four people are depending on u

    please,tell me complete steps to do this

    yes it would be nice if you had an instructable

    I would LOVE a instuctables for this please!