Picture of Yet another amplified acoustical guitar.
Everyone has already done this but this is the what I did. Included is a sound sample from plugging the mike directly into my computer. I have not played in twenty years so it will be pretty bad technique, but you see it works.

Step 1: What's needed.

Picture of What's needed.
1 - acoustical guitar.
1 guitar amp.
1 - female phono plug
1 - Good piezo buzzer
1 guitar phono plug cable to go from guitar to amp.
double stick pads
Electrical tape.

Soldering iron
wire cutters
Drill and bit.

Mr.Maggoo2 years ago
I enjoyed the playing. Reminds me of a Robert Johnson recording. Yes, a little bit noisy with fret noise, but still.... sounds cool.
Computothought (author) 4 years ago
Yes, I should have given credit for the picture. I do plan to replace it with my own. Just was in a hurry. Actually the idea was around a long time before his project. I will have to look for the prior art. I used about 4 or 5 small pieces of the double stick foam tape so it works really well for me.
arte.sano4 years ago
pretty cool, I've tried this before and the buzzer it's a bit noisy, it will pick up all the sounds from the soundboard, but it works as a simple and cheap solution.

One thing tho, you must give credit to the original creator, I know I saw this before, (you even took his pictures). I don't think he'll mind you using them, but due credit his work.
Adam Kumpf: http://projects.kumpf.cc/projects/GuitarPickup/index.html