Step 3: Soldering

Cut two wires long enough to go from the speak to the edge of the guitar with the hole is.
Solder wires from piezo speaker to phono plug
Cover connection with electrical tape,
I enjoyed the playing. Reminds me of a Robert Johnson recording. Yes, a little bit noisy with fret noise, but still.... sounds cool.
Yes, I should have given credit for the picture. I do plan to replace it with my own. Just was in a hurry. Actually the idea was around a long time before his project. I will have to look for the prior art. I used about 4 or 5 small pieces of the double stick foam tape so it works really well for me.
pretty cool, I've tried this before and the buzzer it's a bit noisy, it will pick up all the sounds from the soundboard, but it works as a simple and cheap solution.<br><br>One thing tho, you must give credit to the original creator, I know I saw this before, (you even took his pictures). I don't think he'll mind you using them, but due credit his work.<br>Adam Kumpf: http://projects.kumpf.cc/projects/GuitarPickup/index.html<br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Acoustic-Guitar-Pickup/

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