Step 10: Fin

Picture of Fin
You can now use a dremel-esq tool or sandpaper to clean the picks again or leave them looking blue (make sure the dremel doesn't heat up the metal too much or it can ruin the temper).

Sling them on a key ring and walk around feeling like James Bond.

The internet has many resources for learning how to pick so go and enjoy!
Jordan Dyck3 years ago
ok so in the begining you cut off the hole on the origonal hack saw blade. why not take a short cut and use that one?
reddevved4 years ago
Or if your lazy (like me) and have some money (unlike me) you can buy them online.
impisces714 years ago
Good instructable, but do you mind my asking what your total length is and the length from handle slope to pick tip is?
I've been seeing a lot on other sites saying to give about 1 1/2" from handle to pick tip and leaving about 2 1/2" handle assuming you use a standard 12" hacksaw blade broke/cut into three 4" pieces.
Thanks for the tut and look forward to your reply.
ChromeEagle4 years ago
Nice instructable, but for me the point of lockpicks was for when i lost my keys, so if it is on my key ring... and i lose my keys... well, you see my problem, but on a serious note, nice instructable helped me a lot.
bromanuzak5 years ago
what abut a tension wrench?
that is exactly what i thought