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Introduction: Yet Another Rechargable Light

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this is a circuit that incorporates a capacitor, resitor, diode and an bright white led and uses a Lego motor and connector to charge the 1 F capacitor.

Step 1: Gather Materials

First, gather the parts you will need:
A 22 Ohm resistor (r,r,b)
a diode, 1N4007 ( or whatever you have)
a bright white led
5.5V 1Farad capacitor
push button switch
protoboard, or whatever its called (used to prototype circutits)

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the individuals parts, except the capacitor.

Step 2: Cannabalize Your Mindstorm

cut off one end of the a lego connector and wire one side to the 1n4007 diode, connect the unconnected leg of the diode to the negative side of the capacitor, and the other side of lego connnecto to the positive side of the capacitor. The diode will prevent the capactor from dumping its charge back to the motor.

Step 3: The Resistor Is Connected to the ...

Now connect the resistor to the positive side (longest leg) of the bright white LED, attach the unconnected side of the resistor to the positive side of the capacitor.

Step 4: The Negative Side of the LED Is Connected to The...

Connect the negative side of the bright white LED to the pushbutton. Then connect the other side of the pushbutton to the negative side of the capacitor.

Step 5: Connect the Connector to the

Now connect the lego connector to the lego motor( I have a big tire connected to the motor that I will add photos of) and spin. Spinning in one direction allows the tire to spin effortlessly, spinning the opposite direction will be met with resistance. That is the direction you want to spin the motor so as to charge the capacitor.



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    i mean how long can it light a led?

    and how much is strong power supply? can i recharge it with usb?

    that is actually a protoboard

    Photos aren't always good. You could very easily have made a better schematic in MSPaint. C'mon, man.

    5 replies

    C'mon man what? get over yourself

    MSPaint? come on, get a real schematic capture program like gschem, or at least a generic vector editor like inkscape or dia.

    boohoo! whatever works, thats what I say.

    Brutally honest, I like that. Check out newly uploaded circuit graphic and let fly with the suggest. Thanks,

    Yes, and that what I counted on: an electrical schematic, even in m$paint.

    for how much time will the the capacitor run on a single charge?

    1 reply

    Charged to full capacity and used intermittently, it remained charged for several weeks. By intermittently I mean, using only to find my way around the bedroom once the light were turned off and to find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I'm not sure how long the charge will last if used continuously with out turning off. I haven't tried that.

    I'm pretty sure i got them from digikey.

    Here's an edited version of the original image. rockyt, I love the idea of quick and dirty, if it's good, and legible. I encourage you to: - clean the extraneous dirt and crud off your whiteboard - redo the schematic, maybe make it a little more orderly, and compact. - reshoot, maybe in black and white, at 90 degrees to the board, using black, or dark blue markers. Meanwhile, here's a tweaked version, cropped and converted to greyscale.

    3 replies

    take a look now and let me know what you think

    Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better :)

    how is this for readable and understandability?


    new schematic uploaded, utilizing electronic symbols, also a new edited circuit graphic with negative, positive labeling and such. When you gonna publish an instructable?