Yet Another Survival Kit.





Introduction: Yet Another Survival Kit.

this is My survival kit.

Step 1: Materials

here is what i put in my kit:

Altoids Tin
Scotch Mounting Squares
Fishing Sinkers
Rubber Bands
A Paper Clip
A Golf Tee(has various uses)
A Mini Flashlight
A Credit Card( wrap tape and floss around it.)
Fishing Line
Tin Foil
B-day Candle
Water Balloon
Anything Else You Can Come Up With.

Step 2: Now Go Use It.

Just find a way to pack everything in it.



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    Why mounting squares?


    You might want to switch out some of your less useful items for a knife. Also, if your matches get wet you might want to have a backup plan for fire.

    For some ideas feel free to view my new Altoids Survival Tin instructable. :)

    Mmmm... Dark chocolate Altoids? I've never seen those! What are the uses for the credit card? I can think of a good use in an urban survival kit, which would be scraping ice from your windshield when your scraper breaks, but your kit doesn't seem to be an urban one. Also, add some water purification tablets!

    could you describe a few uses for the golf tee? also i keep a razor blade in mine, it is quite helpful.

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    Perfect for emergency business outings. Also great if you're nowhere near trees or wood furniture and vampires attack.

    lol zoone i was thinking the same thing, but for water, a condom is better, as it holds more water.

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    NON-lubricated condom would be better. You don't want spermicide in your water, even before filtering and treatment.

    how the hell did you fit all that in there

    nice but you should always have 2 ways of making fire. and you realy need to put a knife in there.