Yet another third-hand soldering aid. [with built-in fume extractor]

Step 3: Removing the cover and extra wire from the clips. [what's the difference between alligator clips and crocodile clips?]

This step is self-explanatory. So, instead, I will discuss the difference between alligator clips and crocodile clips.

Well, the crocodile clips are named so because of their resemblance to crocodile jaws. It is only appropriate that alligator clips resemble alligator jaws. But by convention, the two have been inappropriately referred to as the other, and often times, the two are considered synonymous. Just think how the zoologists would react if they knew about this.

Another question to ponder on: why aren't there gavial clips?
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razor71773 years ago
maybe the gavial clips would not be enough 4 most people.....or maybe they 2 crack....
u are right