Step 3: Removing the Cover and Extra Wire From the Clips. [what's the Difference Between Alligator Clips and Crocodile Clips?]

This step is self-explanatory. So, instead, I will discuss the difference between alligator clips and crocodile clips.

Well, the crocodile clips are named so because of their resemblance to crocodile jaws. It is only appropriate that alligator clips resemble alligator jaws. But by convention, the two have been inappropriately referred to as the other, and often times, the two are considered synonymous. Just think how the zoologists would react if they knew about this.

Another question to ponder on: why aren't there gavial clips?
<p>Shouldn't the fan be slightly raised above the desk so the air can flow into the fan's inlet/ outlet? (I'm not sure which way your fan is blowing?) It looks like the fan is siting flush down to the desk in your picture restricting the inlet/outlet. Other than that this is a really cool and inexpensive idea.</p><p>Thanks</p>
<p>plastic hose is best I bought mine from RS in Corby UK and a tool to join more parts at a later date. That was my total expense the parts being very cheap but the Tool is not necessary and too expensive for what it is.</p><p>That said this is what I decided to do:</p><p>I got a nice large fan from an old computer and put it into a hardboard square now joining plastic containers as a filtration system with a sponge inside a lid from one container has a smaller fan to aid extraction after sponge filter. Sorry no photo as yet. But with your idea and others I have made a very efficient solder extractor.</p><p>Thanks.</p>
It's a pretty good 'ible, just one problem: The extractor has no filter, but just spreads the fumes around.
Better than the fumes in your face though
Only moderately better, since the toxic aspect of the fumes are still in the room. Unless you are in a rather large room with adequate ventilation, all you have accomplished is increasing the length of time before your exposure reaches toxic levels in your system. <br> <br>Adding a simple activated charcoal filter into your system will drastically improve the design. Adding a vent hose/duct to that and venting the filtered fumes outside is the ideal. <br> <br>Otherwise, really nice Instructible. I like the concept of integrating the third hand with the fan, since it eliminates one of the things floating around on your bench while you are trying to make stuff.
maybe the gavial clips would not be enough 4 most people.....or maybe they 2 crack....<br>
u are right<br>
And i got an idea of making the fan USB, it wouldnt let the fan be on high, but it would be enough to move the air around. I like USB stuff because im around computers alot, lol
Cool, Im looking for the stuff to make this thing right now
I love it, you simply described me hah thanks for this one
Thanks for this 'ible! You have inspired me to do my own helping hands workstation.
cool, I made one out of an altoids tn instead of a fan, it works great!

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