Picture of Yet another usb cooler/warmer
Always wanted something nifty around the pc for drinks.

(Caveat do this at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any issues).

Camera died. have to get a new camera to finish.
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Step 1: What's needed:

Picture of What's needed:
1 - cabinet. I am using a barbie doll locker that will undergo massive makeover,
1 - usb drink cooler/warmer internals extracted for a cup warmer cooler.
1 - set parts to secure fan to locker.
1 - can Spray paint (black or choose your own color).
1 - magnetic switch door light.
1 - small piece of plastic for mounting switch.
4 - screws, nuts,  and washers to secure fan to unit.
Foam for insulation

Blade from exacto knife for removing stickers and cutting insulation.
Soldering iron.
Breather guard to cover mouth and nose for while you are painting. Respirator.
Eye protection.

(not all items are shown in picture)

Step 2: Get cooler/warmer

Picture of Get cooler/warmer
Liberate the inner contents of the cup warmer/cooler.
 (i.e. unscrew the case and take the inner parts out intact.)

Step 3: Prep the locker for the parts.

Picture of Prep the locker for the parts.
1. Measure the inside of the locker for the sizes of insulation you will need. Document the sizes.

2. Measure for the fan air holes an and for the screw holes. Drill the holes for the air vents and screw holes for the fan. (This will vary from fan to fan) Test fit fan. Make adjustments. Remove fan.

3. Drill hole for Usb cable in back of cabinet near the bottom..

Step 4: Do the outside of the locker.

Picture of Do the outside of the locker.
1. Remove any stickers from the metal cabinet with the exacto type knife blade. (I have already done that for an earlier photo.)

2. Sand the drill holes if you need to.

3.  Put out newspapers or equivalent in a well ventilated area (preferably outside).
Set the locker s it can easily be spray painted.
Spray paint the locker in even strokes till the whole outside is covered. (The inside does not need painting because we are adding insulation later.

3. Let paint completely dry.

Note: It might take two coats of paint to cover completely.
Zack12964 years ago
What did you use for the cooler/ warmer.
Computothought (author)  Zack12964 years ago
It was a Peltier based device I bought from Fry's for three dollars and just rehoused it.