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Abhinyana is a Buddhist monk who provides the teachings of Buddha for everyone with the purpose of helping them get rid of their suffering and achieve happiness. I think it is really important to understand our negative qualities, embrace them and generate some positive outcomes. So, i decided to make a YinYang necklace to make remember those moments to the user. Whenever the user experiences some unexpected negative moments, the necklace keeps remember the user to trust life and negative things can give a birth to unexpected beautiful new experiences. Also, the wearer can light up the necklace depending on how he/she feels and use the LED on the sides of Yin&Yang as a symbol to show his/her state of mind.

Materials needed:

Black vinyl

White cotton fabric

Two LEDs

Lithium Coin Cell Battery

Adhesive Tape

A chain

Step 1: Let's Cut the Fabrics

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First, I cut 5:5 inches black vinyl circle. Then I used a pen to divide the circle into two as Yin and Yang. After that I cut half cotton part for the Yang (White). For the Yin(Black) part, I cut black vinyl.

Step 2: Let's Make the Circuit.

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First, I made the circuit with coper tape to understand how it works.

Then I made the circuit with using the conductive thread as you can see from the images.

Step 3: Let's Put the Fabrics Over the Circuit

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After finishing the circuit, I marked onto the garments where LEDs stand . I cut two tiny holes for them. Then, i put the fabrics over the circuit. I tried if the LEDs really work.

Step 4: The Switches for the Sides

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Also, i used conductive tape to create some switches depending on which side the wearer wants to light up

Step 5: The Chain

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And then i hot glued the yin yang circuit with a chain.

Step 6: Final Step

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Now, you can wear the necklace and press the sides the right(Yang) and the left side(Yin) to light up your emotional states.


SparkySolar (author)2014-10-26

Thank you for this nice Instructable. I like it


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-25

Very cute necklace, even better that has some special effects hooked up to it!

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