Yin and Yang


Introduction: Yin and Yang

025. (Yin and Yang) These are two identical knifes (well almost) made from 1/8" hardened steel.  The knifes slide into the handle of the other, as shown on the top left hand corner  (for something different).  The handles are made from a wood salvaged from a wooden pallet.


They measure 9 3/4" inches long, with a 4 7/8" blade.  The finish on the blades was done with a flapper sanding wheel and then polished out ( see insert at bottom left).  This finish is something new, but I thought it worked out pretty good.


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    like a lot this knives!

    like a lot this knives!

    like a lot this knives!

    Oh, let's see more steps!

    I bet loads of people would like to know how to make a set of these knives!