Picture of Yo-Yo Mama Mania
I've caught the yo-yo mania bug (again). The last time I caught this bug I made a quilt from the little critters. This time, I'm going to just make a few small things (I promise!) like earrings, bracelets, choker, mobile....oops my list is growing!
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Step 1: Scrap buster!

Picture of Scrap buster!
I admit it, I've got a bunch of fabric scraps. I hate to throw away cloth. And when I get  an urge to use my scraps, (scrap hoarding elimination) yo-yo's make a perfect solution.

Fabric scraps
Circle to trace
pencil or other fabric marking tool ( tailor's chalk works well for dark fabrics, or a white colored pencil)

sizing or starch
pinking shears
glue stick
buttons, trim, jewelry findings

Procedure: Assuming you know some basic sewing skills like running stitch and how to knot thread, it is an easy project.
  • Collect a bunch of scraps and iron them- it doesn't work to draw or cut out wrinkled fabric, trust me I've tried it. Or you could use new fabric.
  • Select a circle to trace (can, plate, plastic lid or you could make a circle template of thin cardboard), trace the circle on the fabric.
  • Cut out circles
  • Sew
Crap I cought yoyo mania to
Fun! Really cute, I love that the inside of the yo-yo is different colored :)
artfulann (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago
Thanks! I like to have the contrast for the inside. (Also uses up all those itty-bitty scraps that I really don't have a (ex)use for!)