How to make a yoyo sleep (Sleeper yo-yo trick)

Picture of How to make a yoyo sleep (Sleeper yo-yo trick)
This instructable will show you how to throw a sleeper the most basic trick in yo-yoing.
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Step 1: Holding a Yo-Yo

Picture of Holding a Yo-Yo
Holding a yoyo is the most important part to yo-yoing. The way you hold a yo-yo effects everything. The right way to hold it is have your yo-yo in your palm with the gap on your middle finger.

Step 2: Throwing anticipation

Picture of Throwing anticipation
this step is easy just raise the yo-yo just above you shoulder.

Step 3: Throw your sleeper

Picture of Throw your sleeper
Now finnaly throw down your yo-yo so that you flick your wrist and let go of your yo-yo note that when you start to move your hand first you should let go of your yo-yo as soon as possible.
usbfuse6 years ago
um did a normal throw and it still sleeps this thing was not a good constructable
thoraxe6 years ago
I was wondering.....I have a cheap yo-yo that is tied securely at the axle. The axle is stationary. How do i make the yo-yo sleep from here?
napalm008 (author) 7 years ago
well thats the point to yoyo you need to throw a sleeper i am working on some trick instructables atleast 2 will be out by april 8th
mrmath7 years ago
I really don't see how this is telling me how to do anything but throw a yo-yo. Did I miss something?
Thanks i guess i havent been sleeping right.