Yo-Yo Trick: the Grind-Slack-Bind




Introduction: Yo-Yo Trick: the Grind-Slack-Bind

Yo-Yo Trick: The Grind-Slack-Bind

Anti-yo x Instructables
Worldwide Video Yo-Yo Contest

The Grind-Slack-Bind, a great trick to know when you have a PBR in your other hand.

:Yo-Yo should be unresponsive (doesnt return with a tug)
:Yo-Yo's gap should be moderate to allow easy binds
:A grippy response should be used (example: Silicone friction sticker)

The Trick:
1. Grind the Yo-Yo on your finger
2. While grinding, drag the slack across your leg
3. Drop the Yo-Yo between your hand and leg over the slack
4. Yo-Yo should catch and bind
5. Repeat and have fun!

Credits and Thanks:
Paul Hans 2007 US National 1A Freestyle (where I first saw the trick)
YoYoFactory White 401k Espionage (yoyo used in video)
Anti-Yo and Instructables for hosting this contest.



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Questions & Answers


Yay, finnally learned it! i learned this trick on my own before even seeing this

nice! where can you find yo-yos? i want to get one and learn tricks with it.

Theres multiple places online that sell yo-yos. The three major online retailers are www.YoYoGuy.com www.YoYoNation.com www.TheYoStore.com If you are just starting, I suggest buying a $15-$40 YoYoJam yo-yo. They are highly recommended. Dont be tempted by the $100 metal yo-yo's just yet. Buying a $100 metal when you are starting is like providing a Ferrari to a person just getting their drivers permit, its not a recommended. Also, each of those stores have their own subsequent yo-yo forum where you can find information, reviews, and such.

huh, i just got a cheep wooden one for 10 bucks. will that work?

Typically no. The $15 yoyojam will perform leagues better than 99.99% of the wooden yoyos available today.

ya, i might want to get a non-wooden one. i just found out how they pretty much suck. i also suck at learning tricks, but i want a free yo-yo!

wooden yo-yos do NOT suck! I have the RD2 by Tom Kuhn and it totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!