Introduction: Yo-Yo Trick: the Grind-Slack-Bind

Yo-Yo Trick: The Grind-Slack-Bind

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Worldwide Video Yo-Yo Contest

The Grind-Slack-Bind, a great trick to know when you have a PBR in your other hand.

:Yo-Yo should be unresponsive (doesnt return with a tug)
:Yo-Yo's gap should be moderate to allow easy binds
:A grippy response should be used (example: Silicone friction sticker)

The Trick:
1. Grind the Yo-Yo on your finger
2. While grinding, drag the slack across your leg
3. Drop the Yo-Yo between your hand and leg over the slack
4. Yo-Yo should catch and bind
5. Repeat and have fun!

Credits and Thanks:
Paul Hans 2007 US National 1A Freestyle (where I first saw the trick)
YoYoFactory White 401k Espionage (yoyo used in video)
Anti-Yo and Instructables for hosting this contest.


noonar (author)2011-03-27

Yay, finnally learned it! i learned this trick on my own before even seeing this

thebboy (author)2008-02-10

nice! where can you find yo-yos? i want to get one and learn tricks with it.

NorthWestDork (author)thebboy2008-02-10

Theres multiple places online that sell yo-yos. The three major online retailers are If you are just starting, I suggest buying a $15-$40 YoYoJam yo-yo. They are highly recommended. Dont be tempted by the $100 metal yo-yo's just yet. Buying a $100 metal when you are starting is like providing a Ferrari to a person just getting their drivers permit, its not a recommended. Also, each of those stores have their own subsequent yo-yo forum where you can find information, reviews, and such.

thebboy (author)NorthWestDork2008-02-10

huh, i just got a cheep wooden one for 10 bucks. will that work?

needfortoast (author)thebboy2010-07-12

not really

NorthWestDork (author)thebboy2008-02-10

Typically no. The $15 yoyojam will perform leagues better than 99.99% of the wooden yoyos available today.

thebboy (author)NorthWestDork2008-02-10


kiya (author)thebboy2008-02-10

Check the first page of the contest here:

There are two sponsors for this contest, both are yoyo stores with a great selection..

thebboy (author)kiya2008-02-11

ya, i might want to get a non-wooden one. i just found out how they pretty much suck. i also suck at learning tricks, but i want a free yo-yo!

bad apple (author)thebboy2008-02-12

wooden yo-yos do NOT suck! I have the RD2 by Tom Kuhn and it totally rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

thebboy (author)bad apple2008-02-13

if it's more than 10 $ i believe you, ya

bad apple (author)thebboy2008-02-18

If you want a wooden yo-yo, get a tom kuhn. For looping, I reccomend the RD2. For string tricks, I reccomend the sleep machine. they both cost more than 20 dollars, so save up your money!

thebboy (author)bad apple2008-02-22

ya i just got a dunken freehand zero yoyo from yoyoguy. it's pretty sweet.

bad apple (author)thebboy2008-02-22

well duncan freehand is pretty good, but I personally don't really like ducan yo-yos. If you are happy with it, great, but I would seriously reccomend getting something from yoyojam.

needfortoast (author)bad apple2010-07-12

yyj is the best you can get for your money

thebboy (author)bad apple2008-02-23

oh ya i'm happy with it. i'm gunna upload a somewhat ok trick in hopes i'll win the randomly selected prize. ya

50 dollars

ya that sounds like a pretty good yoyo

Yeah, you tell them! However, I prefer an alluminum yoyo, but, who really cares. Oh, and thebboy, I don't know a single wooden yoyo that is under $10.00. Back to bad apple, I have almost finished Boing-E-Boing. I have the mount down, just need to get the boing part finished.

i do boingy boing in this video please tell me how you like it :)

bad apple (author)dunnos2008-02-17

it was good, but that wasn't split the atom, it was brain twister. Sorry for being harsh, but i'm some what of a yo-yo critic. By the way, every one who reads this should post what their favorite professional yo-yoer is. Mine is Andre Boulay

dunnos (author)bad apple2008-02-17

no boingy boing and brain twister use different mounts.. i first did boingy boing and after that i did split the atom.. brain twister sukx so much i dont even know how to do it but i know its a lookalike and i know they could be easlily confused but surely it is not brain twister i cant decide.. yuuki spencer or andre boulay

bad apple (author)dunnos2008-02-18

I am getting andre boulay's dark magic yoyo. that is the one that he uses in his how-to videos on expertvillage. I reccomend it to anyone who is intirested in doing string tricks. It it not for begginers!!!

Actually, the Dark Magic is great for yo-yoers of all levels. I have it, and have found that even with a simple throw, it is great. (Bad apple and I both have those yo-yo's) Hey, bad apple, go to the SR-v1 and you will see a pic of the gun I am making.

Actually, he is doing split the atom. I slowed down the clip and watched, and he goes into a split bottom mount, then brings his hands up and around like split the atom. Therefore, it was NOT brain twister, but split the atom.

GOOD! soon we shall rule the WORLD!!!!!!!!!! MAQHAUHAUAHUAHUAHUHAUHHUAHUHU!!!!!!!!!!!!(or something like that. I'm not really sure...) Also learn ripcord and rewind because I have a combo in mind (rewind, and the end flip( rewind ends with a trapeeze, so when you pull the strings in oppisete directions, flip it all the way the one and a half mount) in to one and a half mount to boing-e-boing and end with ripcord.) Also learn giroscopic flop and boomerang.

needfortoast (author)thebboy2010-07-12

not gonna happen.

needfortoast (author)thebboy2010-07-12

Go to

Batryn (author)2009-03-04

NOOOOOOOO I can't find a dark magic, any ideas?

needfortoast (author)Batryn2010-07-12

thefoodman (author)2009-05-25

my yo yo is from the dollar tree lol

duck-lemon (author)2008-12-06

do we get to see your face?

summit (author)2008-02-12

Great video! What would you recommend to someone who is just starting to yo-yo and doesn't have $40 to spend on one?

NorthWestDork (author)summit2008-02-12

I would recommend checking out one of the contests sponsors online stores:

I highly recommend a $15 plastic YoYoJam yo-yo. For the money they are one of the best playing yo-yo's you can get with the least amount of maintenance. The Kickside, Journey, Speedmaker and Lyn Fury are all great playing yo-yo's.

I would also recommend buying a bundle of extra string and a bottle of yoyojam lube. Strings will eventually wear out, get dirty and/or break. Lube will keep your yo-yo returning to your hand with a tug.

Note: Lube in a yo-yo bearing lessens how long a yo-yo will spin. But will allow you to return the yo-yo to your hand with a tug. If a yo-yo bearing is completely dry/clean, it will spin for a very long time. But at the consequence that it will NOT return to your hand easily. The yo-yo will require an advanced technique called a "bind" to return to your hand.

For simple tricks, you can check out

Tutorials videos at mastermagic were made by Team YoYoJam Director Andre Boulay and is one of the best places to start learning yo-yo tricks.

summit (author)NorthWestDork2008-02-19

Great info. That was really helpful! For a beginner, like myself, a yo-yo that will come back is more important than how long it spins. Right?

joux (author)2008-02-10

Great trick! I saw Eric Koloski (I think) do one, but it was a restart instead of grind.

dunnos (author)joux2008-02-17

actually this "trick" is a bind wich is used to pull up unresponsive yoyos

Adam Brewster (author)2008-02-13

haha yeah! This trick is way fun! Thanks for making this dude!

fungus amungus (author)2008-02-11

Great video and I love all the info you put in the text.

acaz93 (author)2008-02-09

Kickin' ass !!!

GorillazMiko (author)2008-02-09

First one in the contest, and it's really cool too. Can't wait to see more.